20 Questionable Pics That Will Get You "Hmmmmmm"

Perhaps humans are the most bizarre creatures on Earth. There are a lot of things about humankind we still have no good explanations (or excuses) for. For example, sometimes, we just don't know what encourages people to do weird things and feel no guilt at all. But still, here we are, sharing the same planet with individuals whose actions raise a lot of questions in our poor minds. Although we will never have the answers (or sometimes we refuse to know), it's hard to take our eyes off such strange and awkward things people do.
We thank the Internet literally every day for its power to store photos so we can share them with others. Below is a list of 20 questionable pics that will crack you up! Scroll down to see. If you are hungry for more funny photos, check out our previous post!

#1. "I have been triggered"

Source: seven_critical_blows

#2. That's a dirl

Source: oguibog

#3. Feels like a scene you'd see in a Bond movie

Source: Humans doing human things

#4. Grab a bottle of liquid-hijabTM for a quick and easy head cover in a pinch!

Source: AvocadoDemon

#5. Halalaram

Source: Itoo00

#6. This one seems pretty far-fetched

Source: -rico

#7. Definitely someone that went “UGH!” and just wiped their hands on their pants

Source: Iconx316

#8. Sweet baby Cheezus

Source: Iconx316

#9. "Just as long as I don't get covid."

Questionable PicsSource: adenoidsremoved

#10. Keep it up doll and I'll make you my secretary.

Questionable PicsSource: seven_critical_blows

#11. Looks like something from an AI art generator

Questionable PicsSource: PepeSip

#12. "I don't think that's what the airline meant when they advertised "more leg-room"

Questionable PicsSource: Jagged_People

#13. Is this still available?

Questionable PicsSource: You already know wtf is going on

#14. Barked up the wrong tree

Source: onesnowcrow

#15. There are so so many things wrong in one photo only

Questionable PicsSource: hinnsvartingi

#16. Mother Nature has needs as well

Source: boxedsewer

#17. Squat, Mow, Grill

Questionable PicsSource: Im_a_human_man

#18. Love the helmet, sssssssafety firsssst

Questionable PicsSource: TaycoFlayco

#19. "How can I elect when I'm not erect?"

Source: RedCyroVEVO

#20. "This hole was made for me"

Questionable PicsSource: ITypeWithMyNose

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