20 Proofs That Technologies Can Be Indomitable For Some

Electronic devices make our lives easier, entertain us, and also help a lot with some work tasks. But there are times when devices can even ruin our day, and it's not a factory problem, but some people just don't know how to handle technology properly. Today we decided to collect user posts that clearly demonstrate that for some, using modern technology can turn into a real nightmare.
Although it may not seem like it, many people find it difficult to deal with technology. But those who suffer the most from this are technical support workers. That's why it's always worth reviewing the instructions that come with electronic devices.

#1. I think my PSU has some kind of error

Source: the123king-reddit

#2. It still worked so why worry about it…

Source: okietechie

#3. Teacher gave me this with a classic “I don’t know what happened!”

Source: justopolis-city

#4. Spilled acetone on my laptop and now it's mocking me :(

Source: putridtooth

#5. I. See. You

Source: hlebspovidlom

#6. Co-worker decided to wipe the monitor with Clorox bleach wipes

Source: cltdyna

#7. My boss placing a deadass pot of ice twice a day on the transformer (if that’s what it’s called) cus it keeps overheating and the entire POS & internet server goes down

Source: ancaaremere

#8. This cool ASUS device allows 2 external displays. Theoretically

Source: reddit

#9. Well, that explains why my hotel room remote only works when it wants to.

Source: ForumT-Rexin

#10. M.2 SSD screws are over-rated

Source: 1St_Choice_Ur_Choice

#11. I've tried putting it in rice but it hasn't helped. Any ideas?

Source: the123king-reddit

#12. Someone offered me a cheap MSI GTX 1080Ti. Glad my case was big enough.

Source: the123king-reddit

#13. Spent 10 hours looking for the cause of our network storm and....

Source: bringbackswg

#14. I'm getting tetanus from looking at that

Source: reddit

#15. I found this in the iraqi pc group on Facebook and I wanted to share it here

Source: Zack_everett

#16. I tried setting my alarm for tomorrow… I may need a new clock.

Source: Antakad

#17. Wall anchors

Source: raskulous

#18. Speed holes! They make the switch go faster!

Source: Rutch

#19. I saw your nicotine PC and I raise you this...

Source: kentukky

#20. Got a new stand for my iPad I love it

Source: RuinAdventurous8390

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