20 Proofs That Men Never Truly Grow Up

People say men never truly grow and that's, of course, a fact. In contrast to social stereotypes that attribute men with responsibilities, maturity, and so on, they are actually just innocent children hiding behind grown-up bodies. They love weird-looking toys, video games, making silly faces, mimicking kids, and playing pranks on their family and friends. If you share a house with a man, you know exactly what we are talking about.
What's the good part about that? They don't hesitate to be themselves in front of others. That's why we could find evidence on the Internet and make this list of 20 photos that prove men never truly grow up. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. "My 32 yr old husband playing in his new pool. We don't have kids btw."

Source: dawn7c

#2. "I woke up today with a missed call from my mom and about 15 tags to beat the cheerio stack record. 10 hours later it has been broken"

Source: obieone

#3. "My brother really wanted to swim with his turtle"

Source: LutzTrain

#4. "It stormed during the eclipse so my dad improvised."

Source: djbootybutt

#5. "We're adults and we get to decide what that means: The Home Depot Edition"

Source: DownvoteDaemon

#6. Mimicking girls posing after shower

Source: eddie_van_halen

#7. "My Dad got his head stuck in the porch yesterday whilst trying to feed a dead bee to a spider that lives in the bushes."

Source: SerenityStarCraft

#8. "My dad thought he was home alone. I had to see why he was laughing so hard..."

Source: j_piper

#9. "My boyfriend is a seller on Amazon. This is what I came home to."

Source: ThingsWeSasy

#10. "Heard my husband telling the dog to stay still in the kitchen, walked in and this greeted me!"

Source: Szmanda44

#11. "My Dad keeps placing this around to scare me"

Men Never Truly Grow UpSource: Dennyboy101

#12. "My husband is no longer allowed to go to the craft store alone"

Men Never Truly Grow UpSource: plutosrain

#13. "My husband is an *sshole"

Men Never Truly Grow UpSource: amosfargus

#14. "One of my best friends married his girlfriend yesterday. Our other best friend was his witness."

Men Never Truly Grow UpSource: tbdakotam

#15. "I just walked into my husband's office to find him like this."

Source: twoforjoy

#16. "I could never game because of my toddler son so I finally bought a play pen."

Men Never Truly Grow UpSource: argyllcampbell

#17. "My mom walked into this prank by her boyfriend at 6 am after turning on the kitchen light"

Men Never Truly Grow UpSource: argyllcampbell

#18. "Our Mexican Christmas tree..... well for 3 minutes. Wife's no fun."

Men Never Truly Grow UpSource: disco247

#19. "I left my husband alone with the baby for ONE hour and came back to this."

Men Never Truly Grow UpSource: Krunchy_Kitten

#20. "Heard my boyfriend giggling to himself in the bathroom"

Men Never Truly Grow UpSource: Krunchy_Kitten

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