20 Pics To Prove These Unusual Things Actually Happened

Strange things happen, we already know that. But sometimes it's hard to believe just the words, we need proofs instead. That's why we are here with 20 pics to prove that unusual things actually happened. What could they be? A boxer with a big hole (we wonder what it's for), chickens hanging out at a toilet, Doritos flavor body wash, a man using a cat as a phone holder, and so many more.
Keep scrolling down to see our compilation of the weirdest sights people spotted and decided to take a pic of to prove they were real. Check out for some fun!
More info: Pics or it never happened

#1. You better hope it's your size

Source: Mohammad Alghadi

#2. Now that's what you call Installed!!

Source: Marc Baker

#3. Red eyes

Source: Pete Erickson

#4. Hello!

Source: Lari Dem

#5. Great for tanning

Source: Jeff Randle

#6. This is where the cocks hang out

Source: Zhang Han zhong

#7. Dat sum hot *ss

Source: Anna Laster

#8. Is this the app I use to watch the race?

Source: Jeremiah Ellis

#9. Time to smell zesty baby!

Source: Maurice Clopton

#10. Summer

Source: Israel Lopez

#11. Hmmmmmm

Source: Kirill Mogilev

#12. Think out loud

Source: Pratikshya Limbu

#13. I don't even want to know

Source: Rudro Ojha

#14. Seriously, how?

Source: Ka La

#15. Suddenly

Source: Kirill Mogilev

#16. Genius

Source: Tĺmmý Ləe

#17. That's cool actually

Source: Pete Erickson

#18. New phone holder

Source: Lisa Kennedy-Woolf

#19. Snitch!

Source: Mike Ruehle Part III

#20. Good job mate!

Source: Matthew Byatt

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