20 Pics That Will Put Imaginary Question Marks Above Your Head

Perhaps the randomness of life is one of the things that keep us fascinated every day that goes by. What's better than going out and accidentally spotting another random hilarious, weird, and unpredictable sight that leaves us scratching our heads from time to time? Maybe this is the universe’s way of reminding us that it’s full of strange, absurd yet funny things we never come prepared for.
While scouting the Internet, we found several examples of everyday randomness and have rounded up 20 pics that will put imaginary question marks above your head. Scroll down for some fun. Check out our previous compilation for more!

#1. True friendship is holding your friend like a bowling ball

Source: darthmaui728

#2. Oh hell nah

Source: tepidreformer

#3. Hope he’s going straight home…

Source: Adultx20

#4. This is the most disturbing image I’ve seen all week

Source: SuperSeagull01

#5. Been 5 months since she got stuck

Source: s6x

#6. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Source: Entire_Visit_7327

#7. He's a little confused but he got the spirit

Source: AdmirableTip4077

#8. But what is it for though?

Source: baxter_flamingo

#9. New piece just dropped

Source: _BobStone

#10. Doghouse

Source: Iam_Unknown17

#11. How?! Just...how?!

Source: CelebrationWild7276

#12. To be fair, he isn't going to run!

Source: StcStasi

#13. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Source: Dank_gaurav

#14. That looks like me irl

Source: Pedantichrist

#15. Hmmmmmmmm

Source: QuestionAsker2030

#16. Wild west tsundere

Source: Timson1999

#17. Other drivers must be confused and annoyed at the constant honking from that car

Source: sltinker

#18. Breaking the multiverse

Source: YextFE

#19. Something to show the cheating wife

Source: FBI_memes

#20. Does he blink?

Source: FartsWithAnAccent

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