20 Pics That Tricked Our Eyes So Hard We Are Open-Mouthed

From times to times, our naked eyes can show us something completely different from reality. As a result, we have to look twice before being fooled and putting our brain to work. An excellent and fun incidence for that can be discovering what exactly happened behind the images that we will see below.
Whether it's nature's flukes, like lighting playing tricks on us, or just the right person in the perfect spot for a puzzling photograph , it's always fun to come across these types of optical illusions .

#1. “Explanation: The rock is reflected in some water that you can't see because of the fog.”

Source: Legal-Adhesiveness33

#2. “My son doesn't seem to have anything below his knees.”

Source: Olivineyes

#3. “Did someone say a 2D building?”

Source: _adinfinitum_

#4. “A two-headed cat”

Source: jquest303

#5. “This morning I was greeted by an 8-legged deer”

Source: JrodManU

#6. “This photo of my cousins ​​looks like two separate images that were put together.”

Source: mordecaiparnassus

#7. “A really giant turtle”

Source: hirethestache

#8. “I thought there was a kid inside.”

Source: Raigarium

#9. Disfigured cat or dog?

Source: LesyaMoon_SFW

#10. “A boy with the head of a dog!”

Source: TremololomerT

#11. “My dog's ear looks like his own face.”

Source: Embeast/Reddit

#12. Huge banana or oil painting?

Source: Embeast/Reddit

#13. “My daughter's piece of chicken looks like a hummingbird.”

Source: mrmessma

#14. “My pineapple shirt lined up with my pineapple tattoo.”

Source: hartlok / Imgur

#15. “Driver dog”

Source: demetri47

#16. “My girl and I swapped nail styles.”

Source: rorskies

#17. “The color of her hair matches the bristles of the brush.”

Source: NoLongerThatGuy / Imgur

#18. kryptonian dog

Source: pietradamore

#19. "My son, climbing on an old rotten stump, looks like a giant among the mountains"

Source: AidenAsh15

#20. It's hard to imagine, but it's backlit steam

Source: Darkj

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