20 Pics That Sum Up Life In Russia, Shared In This Subreddit

Russia is a country of stark contrasts, with a population of over 146 million people and a land mass of over 17 million square kilometers. We hear about something strange happening almost every day in this country, but for the people who live there, it's just another normal day at work, no matter how crazy it may seem to outsiders. These bizarre events even served as the inspiration for an entire subreddit, called A Typical Day in Russia, which is really entertaining.
More than 1.2 million users of the subreddit frequently post the weirdest and strangest things they've seen in Russia. See some of the funniest pictures shared in this online community, from a protesting man to cuddly creatures, below!

#1. This Bear Has A Death Wish

Source: MissingSpyder

#2. Now that seems dope

Source: mrObry

#3. When The Guy Behind You Keeps Hitting The Chair

Source: yeerk_slayer

#4. Book Title: Combat Knives

Source: mrObry

#5. Not Exactly What You Want To See Coming Into Land At A Russian Airport

Source: qevoh

#6. Accurate Analysis

Source: 4chanAD

#7. Siberian Seasons. Frost & Mosquitoes

Source: denissnb

#8. Lada Is Best

Source: bzyt_5

#9. Kirov Reporting


#10. When You Crash Your Cars And Wait For Traffic Police

Source: Areskoi

#11. Subversion

Source: pavelasamsonov

#12. Seems About Right

Source: Moore078

#13. Opposition Activist Arrested While Reporting Live About Arrests Of Opposition Activists

Source: aleksandrit

#14. TFW Putin Offers Some Tea

Source: -MGP-

#15. What You Mean By Scary? Is Friendly New Pet!

Source: The_Eastern_Stalker

#16. During The Rush Hour, Russian Streets Are Especially Prone To Accidents

Source: NKVDawg

#17. Russian Car Prank

Source: clovenpoet

#18. Yo Man, You Got The Honey?

Source: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#19. Alright Fair Enough

Source: scumculator

#20. Good Job Sergey

Source: Pavel2811

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