20 Pics Of Folks Whose Luck Is Overestimated In Any Case

Life is full of surprises that will cause your emotions to swing from one extreme to the other. You will not expect calamity to hit your day at any time, and you will notice that your mood is no longer the same as it was five minutes ago. That is why we must constantly be prepared for a bad day at any time. Cora isn't sure if this makes you nervous, but it's true. Don't worry; I say this because I know the terrible will pass and the good will be waiting for you. If you're mentally prepared for it, they'll come to you.
Time to relax! We've collected a list of folks whose luck is overestimated in any case. Scroll down to see them, and don't forget to share them with your friends. Have a wonderful day, guys!

#1. Hubby unemployed for 9 months. Finally landed a job that was not temp or a contract gig. 5 minutes after clocking in, he tripped on some carpet and breaks his leg

Source: square_2_square

#2. Bought an antique cake pan, and thought I should test for lead before using it

Source: joefartbutt

#3. I just wanted some soup

Source: amayerreyama

#4. Ambulance and fire truck waiting for the train

Source: dirty_foo

#5. Two weeks of dirty cat litter at 5:30 this morning…I guess I should have done better at tying the bottom of the bag

Source: cms9

#6. Pulled out after dropping my son at school and my brakes failed… $734 later, Easter is pretty much canceled

Source: Witty_Comfortable404

#7. I went to Guitar Center to have the neck fixed due to some loose frets. The fretboard was filed off in some spots & had a broken fret marker. None of the frets were fixed

Source: CodeBreaker_9

#8. When you paid extra for a window seat

Source: Good_E85

#9. I had a cystic pimple on my forehead that swole up pretty well. Then the swelling migrated down and now I look like an Animorph

Source: Tre_Amplitude

#10. A brand new eyeshadow palette fell and the only shade that broke was called “Unlucky”

Source: provokedspoon12

#11. Had an epileptic seizure with my computer on my lap

Source: GinjaNinja1027

#12. Trying to clean your oven

Source: kk653

#13. This is why the sun does not wake me up in the morning

Source: NatureGreek

#14. Seriously….like really?

Source: T_lauderbaugh

#15. Dog ate my animal crossing

Source: ToeReceipt

#16. Ruptured My Achilles Tendon

Source: Greyscale02

#17. Broke my finger from falling down the stairs

Source: Intelligent-Spray-21

#18. Installing my brand-new toilet

Source: V1k1ng1990

#19. I’m no expert

Source: 1sthisthingon

#20. Fell asleep with my glasses on the bed last night. Then rolled over them in my sleep. They’re my only pair and I currently have no vision Insurance. Perfect start to the week

Source: anon-aspie

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