20 Photos That Help Us Detect a Lazy Person

Most of us know that a job well done requires some effort and sacrifice on our part. Such is life and we verify it every day, both in our work and in the simplest tasks such as correctly opening a food package. However, it seems that there is another group of people who do not feel identified with this, but rather with laziness. Hence, these images will help us easily spot a lazy person from the crowd.
Just because some people are lazy doesn't mean they can't get the job done, but maybe they will find the quickest way to do it. We all know the struggle to take out the trash on time, or having to turn off the light when you're comfortable in bed. But there is still a category of people who go beyond all known levels of laziness.

#1. This might be the laziest person I’ve seen

Source: Speedy_0

#2. This was waving in the high winds of south Dallas today

Source: Professork08

#3. My mom was too lazy to get her cats food so she fed them one of my Spams

Source: natesplace19010

#4. Worker didn’t crush up the Doritos when making the taco pizza

Source: Genola-key

#5. They ate in their car and just tossed it in the lot

Source: Joshthejester

#6. In a conference room, looking for outlets for our laptops … they’re behind this board

Source: askheidi

#7. Council redid the pavements, not bothering to remove debris beforehand

Source: floppycat123

#8. This happens every week. How is it that a 5 minute walk to the dumpster (if you’re REALLY dragging your heels) is too much effort for some people? It stinks up the entire dorm stairwell and they STILL refuse to install more cameras to catch the bums at fault.

Source: DailyDJNoodle

#9. This asshole who decided to park across all the handicap spots for 15 mi while picking up a to-go order

Source: jack-oh-lantern

#10. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Source: TheCoon46

#11. I can’t even

Source: Stretchy_Labia

#12. In getting ready for dinner, I unfortunately discovered that all my forks and spoons were dirty, so after reaching into the bellows of my utensil drawer, I have emerged with the short spear as my weapon of choice for dinner.

Source: reddit

#13. I'm using medical tubing as a straw to drink a jug of water while playing

Source: BoringKoboId

#14. I collect carts at Walmart. Please stop being lazy and return your cart to where it belongs

Source: Connect-Salamander88

#15. Amazon said it was delivered 2 weeks ago. Couldn't find it, snow finally melted a bit. (1/2 mile away from house)

Source: raleighs

#16. The hotel I stayed at last night said they provided free breakfast

Source: shmutsy

#17. Is my wife the only one?

Source: ash27lc

#18. When you're so lazy and can't walk 20ft to watch your kid.

Source: tinderbindervinder

#19. I see your College Jenga and raise you mine

Source: wilsond705

#20. This is pure laziness

Source: lookitskelvin

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