20 Photos Taken A Second Before Things Went Hilariously Wrong

Sometimes, it's impossible to recreate an exact moment that was captured with perfect timing, no matter how hard you try. Like that moment your bicycle wheel decides to say goodbye and falls apart when you are riding your bicycle. Or that moment the seagull comes to claim your ice cream belongs to it. Or that moment when your mate vomits right when you are taking group photos. In the gallery below, snaps of a second before things went hilariously wrong were compiled to crack you up and make you feel pain at the same time.
Scroll down below with caution to see our round-up of 20 photos taken before a tragedy hit. If you are hungry for more, check out our previous post here!

#1. Perfect time for a hammer

Source: pitline810

#2. The woman's face in the background says it all

Source: levo106

#3. From iPhone to iOops

Source: krusadejr

#4. Seconds before disaster

Source: ddunkyy

#5. My son was playing on the slide and slid wrong

Source: CitizenPrayer

#6. No no no no!

Source: AnaBusadoDemi

#7. Hitting my sister with a snowball

Source: Nebkheperure

#8. No explanation needed

Source: AxeEff

#9. Slippery sidewalk

Source: KevlarYarmulke

#10. A photo of me while I was doing keepie uppies

Source: Karlukki

#11. A very normal pic until you look at the one on the right

Source: makemelaughforkarma

#12. A photo of myself taken many years ago, the girl next to me had pushed me off

Source: pyoung1996

#13. Tommy finally fought back against the bully after his mom reminded him that he was a toucan, not a toucan’t

a second before things went wrongSource: Witty_Operation2486

#14. When taking a foot to your head is the better option...

a second before things went wrongSource: smashley1128

#15. Mineeeeeeee!!!!!

a second before things went wrongSource: Scythanerror

#16. My poor cousin slipping off the chair

a second before things went wrongSource: ButFat

#17. Was walking around a local park with my camera when this lad asked me to photograph him hopping the bench

Source: ac_s2k

#18. My daughter stepping on a LEGO

a second before things went wrongSource: ChronicallyPunctual

#19. That's gonna hurt

a second before things went wrongSource: hauntcircus

#20. Welcome to life, little one

a second before things went wrongSource: BigBoyo25

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