20 Photos Proving That Our Family Exists Only To Test Our Nerves

Those of us who have families know for sure that sometimes our loved ones can do really weird things that can make us laugh or cry. However, we love our family members with all their quirks and antics.
The younger members of families tend to do and say silly things, which always leads to funny scenes. In other families, on the other hand, it is the adults who become comedians and every family gathering ends up being a comedy show. Fortunately, laughter helps rekindle the bonds between people and keeps boredom away. At Aubtu, we've put together some of the funniest family situations that will definitely make you laugh, dare we even say it, out loud.

#1. “My brother bought his first house this year and he won't stop talking about it. I bought him this cake for his birthday this year."

Source: JSFord815 / Reddit

#2. “This is how my husband wrote down the date he opened this orange juice.”

Source: Sleepless_in_MA / Reddit

#3. “I was making tea for my wife and I in the dark. I grabbed 2 tea bags that I thought were the same”

Source: DavidIWright / Reddit

#4. “My husband left this in the bathroom for me to find. It's the tip of a tomato."

Source: NarwhalsGalore / Reddit

#5. “My very normal brother and his normal outfit that he wears all the time.”

Source: map9531 / Reddit

#6. “My son bought 4 cereals of the same brand in different sizes, and he eats all of them without finishing one first.”

Source: Joobebe514 / Reddit

#7. “I left the kitchen for a moment and my daughter tried to help season the potatoes.”

Source: aIextkd / Reddit

#8. “My 39-week pregnant wife went to the store to 'buy things for dinner.' This was what she brought home."

Source: w3rewulf / Reddit

#9. “I offered my son my ice cream and he returned it to me. Honestly, I never would have thought of eating it that way."

Source: mouse_in_a_maze / Reddit

#10. “My daughter said she was going to hang up her pajamas for pajama day at school. That's how she put the pants on the hook."

Source: enzo_baglioni / Reddit

#11. “This is where my wife keeps her teeth stuff.”

Source: jeanheff / Reddit

#12. “I took a stupid photo and it has become the photo my family now sends each other instead of 'okay'.”

Source: jeanheff / Reddit

#13. “My girlfriend's 10-year-old sister's backpack was very heavy. We opened it from her and found it full of what she called 'beautiful cubic stones' that she grabbed because they were unique”

Source: Soothingwinds / Reddit

#14. “My wife doesn't like how I eat chips.”

Source: whatifiwas1332 / Reddit

#15. When you take your partner's words too literally

Source: RoyIsThaTruth

#16. I think my son is tired of family photos

Source: twelvecountries/Reddit

#17. Maybe there will always be someone who is sick of this

Source: Gnillab/Reddit

#18. But for some families, this is quite an adventure.

Source: tdastru/Reddit

#19. When you are born into a family of Instagram bloggers

Source: chipchippersontss/Imgur

#20. They said that taking a family photo would always be fun.

Source: momlifeee/Reddit

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