20+ Photos Proving Cats Are Entitled To Sleep Wherever They Want

Cats have always been notorious for their bizarre and goofy manner. Despite being tamed by humans thousands of years ago, the felines never lose their audacity to do whatever they feel is right. Interestingly, cats often appear in fairy tales and fables with nine lives, which may explain why they are willing to act incredibly. They must be confident that no matter how severe their acts’ consequences may be, they still have several lives to count. 
Cats’ reckless attitude toward life is the unique trait that makes them so special. They are prone to do things that only exist in our wildest dreams and never care what others might think about them. We adore and admire their peculiar personality and sometimes even envy their carefree manner. It must be great to enjoy life to the fullest in our own way without being afraid of others’ eyes and judgment. 


The weird logic of cats can be witnessed in nearly every aspect, including sleeping. They often baffle us with the place they choose to take a nap and their sleeping posture. In many cases, it looks like they just suddenly doze off in the middle way of doing something. While the felines are most known for loving to cuddle in a warm bed, sometimes they enjoy challenging themselves by sleeping on stair handles and curtain rods. 
What could we say when seeing them have the best dreams in the most peculiar spots? Well, we would likely be speechless with the cat logic. Indeed, we can barely make sense of a cat, but we all love to spend time with the dopey fluffy guys and have much fun with their silly behaviors.
Let’s have a good laugh with 23 hilarious pics of cats sleeping in the most unexpected places! Clearly, you can never feel bored when having a cat by your side!

#1 Zero hecks given.

Source: Maria Gatteira

#2 Truly, a delight.

Source: Maria Gatteira

#3 Uh, same, bro. Same.

Source: Maria Gatteira

#4 He just gave up half-way through. That's a whole mood.

Source: micano

#5 Cat Yoga

Source: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

#6 Is this comfy?

Source: NubXilla

#7 If it works, it works.

Source: itycoon87

#8 Gosh darnit.

Source: TishyKitty


Source: Necrohippie

#10 Cozy as heck.

Source: indigoscipio

#11 I don't approve of this message.

Source: Maria Gatteira

#12 Impressive.

Source: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

#13 Even cats love books.

Source: Mysaren

#14 This gives me anxiety.

Source: droidkaran

#15 We're doin' cat physics, deal with it.

Source: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

#16 To be fair, who hasn't felt this way at least once?

Source: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

#17 Very melodramatic.

Source: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

#18 A cats gonna do what a cats gonna do.

Source: Inasss

#19 "Will you PLEASE do something? Anything?"

Source: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

#20 Can't wrap my mind around this one, but this long boi might be able to wrap around my mind.

Source: Maria Gatteira

#21 Maybe she's born with it.

Source: alganus

#22 Stop judging me from your throne.

Source: g1yph

#23 I always wanted to see this vision from this purr-spective.


Do your furry friends sleep in such an awkward manner? What do you think about their eccentricity? We’d love to see some funny pics of your fluffy babies in the comment, and don’t forget to check out other posts to fill your day with more cool pics and stories!
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