20 Pets Who Deserve To Be On The Series "CSI Animal Version: Who Stole The Food?"

It's easy to see why our furballs are always hungry. Playful animals (especially highly energetic and active dogs) need lots of food. In fact, pets being picky eaters isn't what their owners love to deal with. However, being obsessed with treats can drive our furballs overweight and even worse, obese, which causes them a handful of bad health conditions. Hence, pet parents don't allow them to eat more than their daily diet.
Besides, human food is proven not good for animals since it is too salty and consists of several ingredients that can be poisonous to them. Still, our little furry guys are curious and can't help the attractive smell of our and their meals. Guess what? They become food thieves.
Unlucky, most of the time, these pets are caught red-nosed, and their photos can be stored as the funniest cases for the series CSI animal version. Check them out, and don't skip any trace or fresh paw prints!

#1. Pizza Thief

Source: lizzlenizzlemizzle

#2. “Caught the tomato thief.”

Source: bluebomb191

#3. "My puppy decided he also wanted a piece of my mom's birthday cake"

Source: u/p4755166

#4. "He wants my omelette"

Source: reddit

#5. "Luna eats my live succulents so I got Lego ones. I can't have nice things."

Source: u/reevadrind

#6. “This is my cat fighting to keep the sausage she stole from the table.”

Source: Carpe-Asinum

#7. “Cute thief stole my mini pancake.”

Source: FiredBoy

#8. “He stole my lunch apple!”

Source: lordikioner

#9. “Magpie making off with his stolen chocolate cookie.”

Source: reddit

#10. “Hehe, Hugo stole the baguette from the table.”

Source: staffford3

#11. “He stole my iced coffee!!!”

Source: Vness374

#12. "I raise your egg thief, with my sausage thief!"

Source: WhileSheSleepz

#13. “You know that muffin you left on the side? It exploded.”

Source: Jambohh

#14. “Aspen, the cat burglar”

Source: R8er-Fan

#15. “Caught them with a stolen pancake and they followed me upset.”

Source: Giftulus218

#16. “My dog stole a potato off the counter and made me chase him. His idea of a prank.”

Source: FancyMyChurchPants

#17. “My cat stole some school kid’s lunch.”

Source: letterlegs

#18. “Soup thief! Caught red-mouthed.”

Source: Paulabanana14

#19. “Bagel thief”

Source: Tinner3974

#20. “We got a nugget thief… caught red nosed!”

Source: mrnoname929

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