20 People Whose Imagination Seems To Have Come From Another Universe

It is always amazing to find different and innovative images that show how the human mind is capable of extraordinary artistic feats and to find meaning in things that at first do not seem so obvious. With a unique perspective and a high degree of imagination and creativity, the 20 people from the gallery below show that art is everywhere.
We love to express ourselves in a variety of different ways. Some enjoy singing, bailing or writing. But these people have an imagination that allows them to think big or, in some cases, small. Think outside the box to create unusual things that sometimes require us to wonder not only two, but even three times.

#1. Fresh arrow to the knee. I had a hypertrophic scar on my knee for over 20 years and figured we may as well utilize it and turn it into a real wound.

Source: disturb3d0n3

#2. I photoshop animals into various things. This one came out pretty good, I think.

Source: animalsinthings

#3. Tried something different for my Louvre tourist photo

Source: most-p-alone

#4. Finally decided to get my first tattoo to commemorate my broken leg lol.

Source: HavVokz

#5. When you are 3 and absolutely insist on dressing yourself.

Source: JephriB

#6. A sand sculpture I made this afternoon

Source: skabobbin

#7. Delighted with my first tattoo, Wicklow Ireland.

Source: Sean2257

#8. My wife crocheted a Taco.

Source: Pwnspoon

#9. Built SpaceEggX for my chickens. It's not in the final location, but I moved it out of my garage yesterday. Doorknob (the chicken) approves!

Source: AnnesMan

#10. [OC] I found the perfect temporary tattoo at my friend's bachelorette party

Source: Reaction_On_My_Nub

#11. I drew this portrait with dots

Source: Colorfulportraiture

#12. chalk dinosaur on my driveway

Source: 1YearAgoOnReddit

#13. She flies for me now since I’m a bit grounded.

Source: isuckatusernames2020

#14. Hand-dyed macrame plant hangers!

Source: 10072018olp

#15. Sometimes being struck by lightning can be awesome, this is a Lichtenberg scar.

Source: maxneverdie

#16. This cool beetle tattoo

Source: Rollo_Tomasi3000

#17. I’m a huuuge Stranger Things fan! My creepy/cute Demogorgon.

Source: MeritTheBadge

#18. I’m a self taught baker and here are a few of my creations

Source: ohheysarahjay

#19. I made this illusion rug. Banana for scale lol

Source: jmcman55

#20. I made 120 bees

Source: Greeendaytj

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