20 People Whose Birthdays Went Painfully Wrong

Not everyone loves the fact that they are getting older but it seems like everyone loves to celebrate their birthdays. People often say sweet things, give us presents, and wish us a happy birthday on the day we turn one year older. However, life is life, harsh and unpredictable. Life doesn't give a heck if it's our special day and it'd better just leave us alone enjoying the whole time. When we expect it the least, the worst thing will come and ruin the joyful moment within just a blink of an eye. All of sudden, everything goes sour and what's left there is just a complete mess.
If you've ever had a terrible birthday, we can assure you that you're not the most unfortunate one compared to other folks out there. We've just compiled a list of 20 people whose birthdays went wrong and really needed a hug. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. "Are baking fails tolerated here? My birthday cake just had a nose dive."

Source: shapeshif7er

#2. Happy Birthday!

Source: CritterBoiFancy

#3. "I was the only one who turned up to my B-day party. So I got some balloon friends to join lmao."

Source: SlyMoonLlama

#4. "I told my fiancé I got him the perfect 30th birthday cake.. it wasn’t what he expected."

Source: MaliceMes

#5. "My 4-year-old niece can't read and bought me this birthday card because it featured a cute dog with a party hat"

Source: Bubbaloosh

#6. "Not exactly how I envisioned my Shrek themed birthday cake..."

Source: CaptainFiddler

#7. "My mom requested balloons on my grandma’s 80th birthday cake. We got these happy guys and a good laugh!"

Source: theyseemescrolling99

#8. "First time ever making waffles for my husband’s birthday breakfast."

Source: Lululabear

#9. Happy birthday and psychological trauma

Source: FarmWhileTeamFights

#10. This shirt at a kid's birthday party.

Source: TBbtk

#11. "Broke and dislocated my arm. Happy birthday to me"

Source: tonehasson

#12. "Barbecue went up in flames on my grandad's birthday...."

Source: Jimbob_Shannon

#13. "This was my 26th birthday party, set up by my family"

birthdays went wrongSource: SickeningMirror

#14. "Heard a loud splat from the kitchen, turns out my mother had just dropped my bday cake"

birthdays went wrongSource: Connie______

#15. "I tried to make my husband cookies for his birthday :("

birthdays went wrongSource: natsugrayerza

#16. "I surprised my wife for her birthday"

birthdays went wrongSource: walzdeep

#17. "The toilet at my friend's 18th birthday party broke- flooded two rooms and trapped us in with poop water"

birthdays went wrongSource: walzdeep

#18. "Today was my Mum’s birthday…"

Source: DrDevilCat

#19. He said he wanted "cold hard cash" for his birthday

birthdays went wrongSource: Handicapreader

#20. "I asked for an Apple Watch for my birthday. This is what I got."

birthdays went wrongSource: migato86

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