20 People Who Wanted To Buy Cool Stuff, But Were Sorely Disappointed

Buying products online causes us to take the risk that the actual item does not match its online image. On the other hand, that also happens in common places: we can be disappointed by what we find inside a package with a beautiful photograph. Such inconsistencies cause bewilderment, discomfort, and sometimes a desire to reveal to all Internet users about these sellers.
Aubtu collected shopping photos that will make you think once more before clicking the "Place Order" button. Before purchasing, you need to be careful: maybe ask for a real photo of the product, specify the size of what you want, and if you buy something in an ordinary store, be wary of bright and beautiful packaging.

#1. What I ordered, and what she received

Source: pombeiro27

#2. The large "movie-theater-sized" box of m&m's just has a regular, normal sized bag inside. And it cost $4.75

Source: PlatformDiscoFunk

#3. What I ordered VS what I got.

Source: turkturksammy

#4. Bought this hat for a full size human...

Source: nudgedout

#5. My wife bought me Cookie Monster Pajama's for Christmas.

Source: jswoolf

#6. The shirt I ordered for a Game of Thrones event, and the shirt I got.

Source: schmopal

#7. So... I ordered an ironing board off Amazon and, in my haste, forgot to check the size

Source: CristinaCriddle

#8. LOL my brother ordered a headrest on Amazon and got Scamazed. Is there any way he can get his money back?

Source: hotted89

#9. This Pakistani dress has a Shutterstock watermark on it.

Source: silverstatus

#10. Listen. my uncle ordered this barbecue for $50 on amazon hoping it would arrive by Eid to have a cook-off and

Source: sdedmari

#11. Thought I ordered a decent sized rug off eBay and this bloody turns up

Source: aine_tierney

#12. My coworker ordered a mirror from ebay and this is what she got lmao

Source: hopeskas

#13. Ordered 50 lighters from Amazon, and got 50 matchbooks

Source: theunits

#14. They looked good on the internet until I got my delivery...

Source: Freaky2Boy

#15. Hey @amazon I think I deserve an explanation. What I ordered vs what I got:

Source: conz

#16. Ordered a rick Sanchez doll online for a friend. This what i got.

Source: SirCupcake93

#17. I usually have better success ordering clothing online

Source: joenottoast

#18. My buddy ordered a 1/2" solenoid valve from Amazon, received a 7' tall Teddy Bear. They played hockey on Xbox.

Source: imgur

#19. Dress vs. dressing that could cover a wound.

Source: Sarahded_Edge

#20. Friend bought $600 Apple Watch off eBay. This is what came.

Source: elit3k1ll3r21

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