20+ People Who Naturally Look Like Cartoon Characters

Who are your favorite cartoon characters? No one can resist the charm of animation, at least when we are little kids, and we think the characters in cartoons look so special. For example, what do you think about the Simpson family? They are funny from their appearance to their personality, making us can’t help but adore them. The animators must be so creative that they can come up with all the characters with unique traits and styles. However, have you ever thought of seeing someone who looks exactly the same as animated characters in real life? How on earth could that happen?
It does happen, though. It seems like some kind of mysterious power has turned those in the cartoon world into people with flesh and bone. Well, maybe there are a few unexpected coincidences. But the fact is, more cartoon lookalikes are wandering on this planet than you may think. Could you imagine an encounter on the street between you and Gru from Despicable Me or the King from Cinderella in the real world? Moreover, you probably have a chance to see twins of Disney princesses. Even Flash, the sloth in Zootopia, and chubby Snorlax in Pokemon have a real-life version. How exciting to see them!
Luckily, with the magic of the internet, you don’t need to count on your luck to meet these cartoon counterparts on the streets. Everyone loves to share fascinating things, so a gallery of human cartoon characters is created online. Interestingly, some people naturally look like cartoon characters, while others happen to accidentally dress up like them.
Let’s scroll down to see how this works!

#1 Toothless From How To Train Your Dragon

Source: tumb1r

#2 Patty And Selma From The Simpsons

Source: imgur.com

#3 Jack Frost From Rise Of The Guardians

Source: robdcht

#4 Snoopy

Source: triplejdude

#5 Mrs. Potato Head From Toy Story

Source: bardiinnarari

#6 Boss Nass From Star Wars

Source: reddit.com

#7 Grandma From Tweety

Source: cameragirlsp

#8 Carl From Up

Source: Z3F

#9 Dora The Explorer

Source: geminimaster

#10 Meg Griffin From Family Guy

Source: WorldOf_RPs

#11 Mr. Burns From The Simpsons

Source: imgur.com

#12 Gru From Despicable Me


#13 Sid From Toy Story

Source: RyanHalderman


#14 Donkey From Shrek

Source: Fortuner128

#15 Peter Griffin From Family Guy

Source: yeahnobig

#16 Esmerelda From Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Source: Michael Vlasaty

#17 Flash From Zootopia

Source: imgur.com

#18 Scruffy From Futurama

Source: greenet

#19 Moana

Source: alfr3yforyou

#20 The King From Cinderella

Source: Marc Majcher

#21 Snorlax From Pokémon

Source: reddit.com

#22 Aladdin

Source: aaazulito

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