20 People Who Know First-Hand What It's Like To Get Pissed Off

There are days when it's hard not to feel like a victim of the system, like when something happens that makes us feel ripped off, whether it's a misleading price, a shoddy product, or a blatant scam. In those moments, all that remains is to share the frustration on the internet to let it out a bit.
Usually, when we buy things online, in nearby stores or from a friend, the result would be probably acceptable; however, there is always the possibility that we will be disappointed. We all know someone who has had the experience of acquiring something that did not meet their expectations, and we at Aubtu will present you some of those unlucky folks, together with their mishaps.

#1. This bread cost $7.99 for a half loaf.

Source: PutinontheRiitz

#2. A friend got taken hard today. Passed the acid test, magnet test and is stamped 18k. Scammed of 4K.

Source: LarryJr-K

#3. This is 30 dollars worth of chips in my hometown.

Source: iliketinysandwhiches

#4. An air freshener sold on Facebook. It’s a literal scam.

Source: harry02260213

#5. I spent six dollars on this

Source: XD5133

#6. A local restaurant offers a woman's meal that is half the food of a man's meal but for only a dollar less.

Source: Jomalar

#7. Smaller than expected

Source: Uninteresting_kitty

#8. Paid 40 Dollars To A Dude Named "Homework" To Do This To Me At A Trap House When I Was 17. Enjoy My Shame

Source: CumshotCrackhead

#9. Is this even legal? They add 99 of a cent?? But it’s really just another dollar..

Source: lord_dankest

#10. The Tissue Scam is very quaint.

Source: TheCeleryman_

#11. Had to pay 50 Cent to use the restroom, but there is a cutout for kids to use it free.

Source: Prodigy829

#12. Rainbow cream costs 20 cents more

Source: Prodigy829

#13. Why is the cent so small? Banana for scale.

Source: omar47hitman

#14. The size difference between the old (formerly $ 0.07) and new (now $ 0.12) Aldi paper bags

Source: tan_bri

#15. I bought a cheese board, was I scammed?

Source: SonOfPIunder

#16. When I was a kid these were $0.25. Came back years later and I put a quarter in out of habit; they still lock. The sign asking for $1 is just a scam.

Source: Tower-Union

#17. Seriously y’all

Source: Drnstvns

#18. Neat! A 2$ burger, that’s pretty chea- oh wait…

Source: AllianIsBizarre

#19. It looks sickly

Source: uglypatty

#20. This is what I get from ordering online from DoorDash for chipotle, when are we gonna stop excepting this poor quality? My order was 31 $ for just this burrito and a coke.

Source: Grand_admiral_Tarkin

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