20 People Who Get Shamed Online For Dressing Like A Bride

Can anyone dress up like a bride at a wedding? Sure, they can. But should they? Absolutely not. The reason is really simple. At the wedding, the groom and the bride are the main characters. Moreover, white is the traditional wedding color and the brides often wear white dresses. As a result, if you wear a white and sparkling one, you will be the center of negative attention because you are stealing the spotlight from the bride.
The r/weddingshaming subreddit is an online community dedicated to shaming those who dressed like a bride at weddings. And we have collected some for you. Scroll down to take a look. What do you think about this topic? Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

#1. She looks absolutely gorgeous.... except she’s not the bride

Source: DBear423

#2. That woman on the left is not the bride...

Source: lumpysweaterboobs

#3. My sister is getting married.. this is the dress one of her bridesmaids bought

Source: hallengoats

#4. Had to tell mom she can’t wear this to my wedding - have gotten silent treatment since…

Source: da_boy_max

#5. No, no that's not the bride...

Source: EhmanFont

#6. Well how do you feel now that you know she was ***NOT*** the bride

Source: Ladeboobop

#7. Bride asks MIL not to wear a white dress, MIL does anyways

Source: radiobearr

#8. Interesting dress choice for the mother of the groom

Source: kiwibutter088

#9. This woman wore this to her college friends wedding (the groom.) She’d never met the bride prior, and the bride was wearing a very very simple relaxed gown

Source: No_Conclusion4279

#10. Gay wedding, but the only guest not in black

Source: Throwaway17393856

#11. Guests at my friend’s wedding a few years ago

Dress Like A BrideSource: considerlilies

#12. My Stepmom showed up in a lace white dress to my wedding

Dress Like A BrideSource: Cat_Toe_Beans_

#13. Went to a wedding and the MIL wore this... Would you be okay with it?

Dress Like A BrideSource: Weddingsarefun

#14. Wedding guest outdressed the bride in the Philippines. A little too revealing and the color is a bit off for my taste. What do you think

Dress Like A BrideSource: DiscussionEmpty4041

#15. Wedding guest wears all white AND is prominently in all the photos of me & my dad dancing

Source: Prestigious-Ad-9552

#16. Step-Mother of the Groom...

Dress Like A BrideSource: advocatecarey

#17. Mother of the Bride. Bride’s dress also had a bejeweled top and float bottom

Dress Like A BrideSource: bringmesomeshiraz

#18. My mum's 'friend' had this dress specially made to wear to my wedding

Dress Like A BrideSource: gumyoji

#19. Lady in the fur stole is the bride's MUM. She could have worn literally any other color...

Dress Like A BrideSource: thejacster89

#20. Father of the Bride's girlfriend wore light colored dress with a train to his daughter's wedding

Dress Like A BrideSource: nicole3696

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