20 People Who Fcked Up Right During Their First Days At Work

The first day of work basically entails getting little sleep, dressing nicely, and presenting your best self—a self that, looking back on it, frequently overpromises and underdelivers. Fast forward to now, and you find yourself locked in one spot for nearly a decade (yeah, my fellow millennials, we're getting old). The first day comes and goes like it never happened, and your eyes are trying to figure out what you just got yourself into, unless...
Unless you simply landed in serious trouble on your own. For many people, their first day of work can be a terrifying experience. New coworkers, new acquaintances, and perhaps new work itself. Check out this group of individuals who encountered some incredibly unpleasant and embarrassing circumstances on their first days of employment at a new position.

#1. This person who watched a customer's child spill goo all over a chair and the customer didn't apologize:

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#2. These people whose work computers got showered by a leak:

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#3. This person whose work truck caught on fire when they were two hours away from home:

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#4. This person who had to clean up after the nastiest customers:

Source: dylanciaga

#5. This person who cut their hand with a box cutter while on the job:

Source: scottybeegood

#6. This person who was working from home when their cat chewed up the cord for their mouse:

Source: Rhelanae

#7. This person who had to reorganize these bins after one of their coworkers knocked them all over:

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#8. This person who brought lunch to work and ended up having to eat something else anyway:

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#9. This person who ruined their Christmas gift:

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#10. This person whose hard work went to waste:

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#11. This person who had to deal with the consequences of a coworker's decision:

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#12. “I spilled coffee on my laptop the day before my first working day. Also I have a presentation to do in a week.”

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#13. “I got a new job where I have to wear a uniform and gloves while working outside, now I look like this.”

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#14. “A new guy dropped multiple liters of vinegar on his first workday.”

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#15. “A new guy tried to empty the fryer grease into a plastic bucket.”

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#16. “A new guy caught our rice cooker on fire and guess who has to scrub it.”

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#17. “It’s my first day at a new job tomorrow.”

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#18. I tripped while getting out of the car and holding an energy drink. This was 3 minutes before my meet-and-greet meeting with my new job’s CEO.”

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#19. “I have a new job, and my dog ate my upper spacers.”

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#20. “My first day of work after 2 weeks of vacation. My car is a bird favorite.”

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