20 People Who Failed To Get The Joke, Only To Make A Fool Out Of Themselves

Statistics show that the average person uses social media for around 2.5 hours every day. What does social media have that can draw users in this way? Maybe it's because there's so much humor on these platforms that we could laugh all day long. The internet never seems to run out of humorous memes, old jokes, and puns that make people chuckle. And among all of them, unintended humor ought to be the best kind.
People often publish satirical or phony posts just to make fun, but they accidentally rile up certain strangers, who then go on to point out their ignorance. Awkward! Unaware that they are the target of this joke, someone feels the need to correct the posters they perceive as being fools. That even the most apparent jokes can still be funny and catch some fish is just bizarre. Scroll down to see the photos that are below. We predict that reading this post will make you chuckle a lot.

#1 You're lost!

#2 That's the point

#3 Oops, they're looking at the 3rd one

#4 Can you see that money tree?

#5 Oh, is that so?

#6 *scream*

#7 That mass confusion

#8 Can't believe it's fake. It looks so convincing!

#9 You think so?

#10 Madagascar the movie

#11 That lost soul

#12 That girl looks beefy

#13 They probably found it out themselves

#14 Downvote this

#15 Still wondering. Do you see anyone here?

#16 Pretty sure that's Ed Sheeran

#17 This person underestimated the power of Nokia

#18 Oops!!

#19 Why not?

#20 Joke on who?

#21 No, it's n*pple!

#22 This one poor soul

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