20 People Who Couldn't Hit The Jackpot With Their Awful Neighbors

Just as there are all kinds of people, there are all kinds of neighbors. There are the calmest ones, who recognize us and greet us without problems, and there are also those who have their little peculiarities that can be shocking, or those who directly seem not to want to share anything. Different users have shared on their social networks what they had to go through because of the horrible actions of their fellow neighbors.
Living with other people is not always easy, even when there is a wall that separates you guys. There's always something, whether it's an annoying sound or some very peculiar behavior, that, like the naked guy across the street in Friends, shocks and intrigues us.

#1. My neighbor is obsessed with keeping his lawn leaf free!!

Source: BradL30

#2. My neighbors like to throw trash off their balconies.

Source: a_tattooed_artist

#3. Our sweet 7 year old dog has a new fireworks phobia thanks to the neighbor who just had to shoot illegal fireworks off above our house.

Source: freebaer

#4. My neighbor just got their car detailed; it's so shiny that the sun reflection melted my blinds

Source: Helpful_guy

#5. Next door neighbor parks both cars in front of house, blocks my mailbox and leaves theirs open

Source: Negative_Permit

#6. My neighbor is getting his fence painted and the contractors left their equipment and bottles in my yard without asking, they also used my water hose...

Source: thekiwininja99

#7. No matter how much I wash my car, I can’t have a clean car bc neighbor’s cat walks on it with muddy paws. (Biased bc cats should be indoors imo.)

Source: peanut-head21

#8. Our neighbors are awful, they constantly throw things into our backyard. But this takes the cake.

Source: dani_for_short

#9. Neighbors insurance doesn’t want to pay for damages due to it being cause by nature…

Source: HousingOk3769

#10. Neighbor had a party and then just left entire food trays in the alleyway.

Source: deserttrends

#11. Neighbors friends don't know how to park.

Source: DaddyLucio

#12. Some prick in my neighborhood not only cut the head of my sunflower, but ripped the stalk in half and threw it into the street.

Source: Chemical_Rub6986

#13. My neighbor with thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer in their front yard

Source: No_Independent2807

#14. Neighbors went upscale in their sidewalk replacement, but picked incredibly slippery pavers

Source: KSMO

#15. The nerve of the people in my neighborhood.

Source: PaleoJoe86

#16. My neighbor, who is able bodied and is not registered for disability, constantly parks in the disabled spot even if other spots near by are open. we live in georgia. She will sit in a spot nearby till it opens to make sure she can claim it if it's blocked for whatever reason

Source: alexlove13

#17. My neighbor said my compost bin was gross and bringing too much wildlife into the area. It’s not even visible from their house and is prob 400’ away. It’s mostly yard debris. Ugh.

Source: VandyMarine

#18. I always try to leave the sidewalk clear when I back in. Walked out yesterday morning and saw my neighbor’s parking job.

Source: Bguerry48

#19. Someone in my building decided to move out at 1 am and leave half of their stuff under my window. Now I don’t get to sleep as half the neighborhood comes by and loudly picks through this junk

Source: AirGuitarMaster1986

#20. Someone in my neighborhood is buying poop bags, using them to pick up their dog's poop, then just dropping them in the park and in people's yards.

Source: BraunyTie

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