20 People Who Could Write A Book About Their Bad Lucks

Every time we witness tragic events, we can't help but smile and turn to face the opposite, happier direction. An excellent method to get over these situations is to laugh them off and carry on with the remainder of the day.

#1. Turns out stick sunscreen doesn't apply that evenly.

Source: Turismo20

#2. My uber driver has what appears to be a mobile toilet near my feet.

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#3. Why didn't I see this coming!?

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#4. Regret is temporary... tattoos are not however.

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#5. Just morning rush things

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#6. A little extra protein in my pack of frozen peas.

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#7. Open sesame?

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#8. My favorite part is that he appears to be trying to save some of the paint.

Source: bradyso

#9. Cheese Curd Disaster

Source: BustersHotHamWater

#10. Customer put windshield wiper fluid instead of oil in her engine.

Source: Sayomi_Koneko

We've all had difficult times, unpleasant circumstances, and horrible days. When things are going well or when you least expect it, life seems to sneak up on you. Check out the rest of the collection of photos where people are experiencing the bad times in life.

#11. I WAS so excited for Halloween... until my mask arrived.

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#12. FIL thought temp gauge was a timer.

Source: Turismo20

#13. Grandson was playing on the couch. His toy truck ramped up a couch cushion and this is the result

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#14. Thought I’d do a deep clean of the litter boxes. The trash bag broke and spilled dirty litter and poop all down the stairs and in my shoes

Source: spidercat50

#15. I accidently branded Rachael Ray’s name on myself with one of her roasting trays.

Source: doyouhaveeyedrops

#16. I moved into a new office this week. My floor has a nice communal kitchen. I found this in the fridge that ’gets cleaned out every Friday.

Source: MarshalLawTalkingGuy

#17. I misread the package as 350 minutes instead of degrees.

Source: Unusual-Feeling7**7

#18. I came from work to see my girlfriend has updated our letter board.

Source: Peanutbutterpython

#19. I paid extra to book a window seat.

Source: ElegantPeanutSuit

#20. In my defense, I have never used a strainer before.

Source: Cadillac-Blood

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