20 People Who Are About To Have A Major Nervous Breakdown

Your day went wrong and you are about to explode? Do you think that no one could have had a worse day than yours? Trust us, there are a large number of people whose day went much worse.
Aubtu collected photos of those who have every right to have a nervous breakdown after what happened to them. And we're not even going to judge them for this.

#1. Attempt to enter home failed

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#2. "Great. Now I have to bend over to pick up the back pain product."

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#3. And how was today for you?

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#4. Well at least the iron is now stylish

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#5. "This is how I enjoyed the Metallica concert from the section for the disabled. And for this I traveled 7 hours to another city!"

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#6. Someone really needed that toilet paper

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#7. You say you did bad today?

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#8. We hope it's gone before the girl woke up

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#9. Just today

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#10. When an Italian boy bought a car and it failed to start, his nerves couldn't take it anymore

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#11. That's what an overly nervous visitor left to our waiter

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#12. Looks like they tried to open it with their teeth

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#13. Someone will have a restless day

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#14. "I made some brownies and let them cool. This is what I saw half an hour later"

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#15. "I just received a gift for Valentine's Day"

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#16. "I spent many hours on this puzzle and this is the result!"

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#17. "But I did what the instructions said!"

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#18. "I am married with small children. I rarely play video games on the PC. Two weeks ago my wife gave me a new game and at night I decided to play a little"

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#19. "My wife is tired of the mess in the house"

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#20. "He just took this to class"

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