20 People Get Super Creative And Transform Ordinary Objects Into Works of Art

It is amazing how creative some people can be when they turn ordinary objects into extraordinary art pieces. Do you wonder how they manage to find inspiration in the most mundane things and create stunning works? Well, you're in for a treat! We've scoured the world to find 20 talented individuals who have an uncanny ability to transform everything they touch into art.
From sculptors who use scrap metal to create mesmerizing installations to painters who turn plain walls into masterpieces, these creative geniuses never fail to impress us with their innovative techniques and bold visions. Their works span different styles, mediums, and themes, but they all share a common thread: the ability to see beyond the surface and reveal the hidden beauty in everyday objects.
In this article, we'll introduce you to each of these creative minds and showcase some of their most outstanding works. Get ready to be inspired, amazed, and maybe even a little jealous of their artistic talent! Whether you're an art lover, a curious observer or just someone who appreciates the beauty in the world around you, these 20 remakes of ordinary objects will leave a lasting impression on you.

#1. Munch, recreated using paperclips

Ordinary ObjectsSource: witenry / Reddit

#2. A guy made this origami koi fish for a tip jar

Ordinary ObjectsSource: Macabee721 / Reddit

#3. A painting made on bread

Ordinary ObjectsSource: VipsTilak / Reddit

#4. This shark is made of salt.

Ordinary ObjectsSource: drawing_a_blank1 / Reddit

#5. This colored sphere is made of paper.

Source: PsychoInMyWardrobe / Reddit

#6. Lizard origami made in a unique way

Source: Ak_Origami / Reddit

#7. An embroidered bee on a guitar strap

Source: Mossandfeather / Reddit

#8. A painting made of tape — simple but cool!

Source: Hard-Hart / Reddit

#9. This guy makes sculptures out of recycled tires.

Source: Taazz10 / Reddit

#10. This paper bird looks like a real one!

Source: V-Landauro07 / Reddit

#11. A leaf made of stained glass

Source: mewi2671 / Reddit

#12. This was done with pistachio shells.

Source: Notsoabc1 / Reddit

#13. This was made exclusively with rubber bands

Ordinary ObjectsSource: enk112 / Reddit

#14. Starry Night, recreated with paperclips

Source: witenry / Reddit

#15. This man made a chimpanzee from cardboard in his backyard

Source: tylergedman / Reddit

#16. This is not glass, it’s a painting on a rock.

Source: mohamez / Reddit

#17. This handmade birdhouse looks like modern art.

Source: liamoco123 / Reddit

#18. this lion was made of recycled metal.

Source: brianmockart / Ins

#19. This art was created using the folding and creasing of paper.

Source: studiosimonschubert / Ins

#20. The art of paper cutting

Source: kiriesousakukamasayo / Ins

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