20 Peculiar Things No One Was Ready For

Whoever says life is boring probably has missed the chance to see peculiar things like what we are about to show you. Of course, life might be hard, but we assure you that it is full of surprises you will never get bored of. Pay more attention to your surrounding and you will see, bizarre situations can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. But if you are not lucky enough to catch those strange moments, don't worry. It only takes you 3 minutes to look at our gallery below to get all of the things that only happen once in a blue moon.
Without further ado, let's scroll down to see our collection of 20 unusual yet interesting things no one ever expected. If you want to see more of the same, don't forget to check out our previous posts here, here, and here!

#1. These jean pants are upside-down

Source: target_aquired

#2. The lobby of this medical office has an alligator on the floor

Source: imgur

#3. The way this snake wrapped itself around her hair

Source: thedankvader69

#4. This 3D crosswalk

Source: eoxtrade

#5. A statue covered in plastic bags

Source: TwiliciousREEE

#6. "This morning I happened upon one of the UK’s stranger blue plaques"

Source: shillwarp

#7. This public restroom at a hotel has black toilet paper

Source: nothochiminh

#8. This jar is shaped to look like a ziplock bag

Source: nothochiminh

#9. A very peculiar looking carrot from out the bunch

Source: skcikorter

#10. "The center of my kiwi is the silhouette of a long beaked kiwi."

Source: Lightfooted

#11. Found Jason Voorhees’ vehicle in the Home Depot parking lot today

Source: BitsAndAss

#12. This sign bans pigs from the park

peculiar thingsSource: Oreanz

#13. Heart-shaped potato

peculiar thingsSource: lIl_dude_lIl

#14. "My pickle has a face"

peculiar thingsSource: Tutso

#15. A one-person bench

peculiar thingsSource: i_dont_c_anything

#16. "My frozen shrimp came with roe"

Source: jesamania

#17. Signs on restaurant bathrooms are a nut and bolt

peculiar thingsSource: bishamon72

#18. "You can see the logo on my cigarette after I smoked through it"

Source: metalheadretard666

#19. The top of this van has a joke few people get to see

peculiar thingsSource: Normandabald

#20. "The door light on my Mini Cooper wore away into a smiley face"

peculiar thingsSource: Xerxes0

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