20 Of The Most Ridiculous And Bizarre Things People Published On Social Media

We have a tough day at work and surf social networks to relieve stress and anxiety. On social media, we frequently share amusing memes, bizarre photos, or posts that express our feelings somehow. However, some people share their thoughts on the internet, and they are so perplexing that we assume they are indeed foolish. It's possible they're pretending to be ignorant, or they've genuinely fallen into the abyss of idiocy. Hmmm, we have no idea. 
Today, we've compiled a list of the most ridiculous and bizarre things people published on social media. They will truly perplex you for a moment. Don’t believe me? Scroll down below to see what they had to say and don't hesitate to share them with your relatives. Enjoy!

#1. Had To Confirm This Is Really What They Mean

Source: OmenLW

#2. Al Gore Rhythm

Source: OmenLW

#3. Shivery Is Dead

Source: Scrunch_

#4. Thank You For Your Profound Observation

Source: Revealed_Jailor

#5. Always Bring Poop Purée On Vacation

Source: Jerbear0122

#6. Gravy

Source: McCormick Spice

#7. Yikes

Source: shadynasty94

#8. Raptor

Source: wayofthememes

#9. Ease Dropper

Source: AgentOfMediocrity

#10. Ligmentlly

Source: Psych0matt

#11. Silent Language

Source: Hernik26

#12. A Soccer Punch

Source: scandinalian

#13. Be Safe. Ammonia Season Is Here

Source: CSB103

#14. An Asthmatic Aesthetic

Source: TheSentinelsSorrow

#15. Language

Source: woodwardelliott

#16. Oh Cookies

Source: woodwardelliott

#17. Cream Dollar Cream

Source: II-I-Hulk-I-II

#18. Stand Office

Source: chunkyyeti

#19. Gargling Bread

Source: AnythingGoesBy2014

#20. The Beauty Of Language

Source: N3koChan21

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