20 Of The Most Hilarious Photos Of Folks Who Have Realized That Today Is The Unluckiest Day Of Their Lives

Nobody wishes to have a horrible day. When things don't go as planned, you'll feel useless, and those thoughts may ruin your mood for the rest of the day. Everyone wishes to be lucky, but we must admit that the god of luck cannot always be on your side. But keep in mind that good days will come, and no one is unlucky forever.
We've collected 20 of the most hilarious photos of folks who have realized that today is the unluckiest day of their lives. Scroll down to see them, and don't forget to share your experiences. Have fun and laugh a lot!

#1. Only blooms once a year, and I broke it

Source: ChrisNikLu76

#2. My beloved birdbath is crumbling slowly

Source: Murrdawgydogg

#3. They call this a “blend”

Source: AnotherAcctIDontWan

#4. Worst tea ball ever

Source: jayhawkeye2

#5. You know it is spring when you find a ladybug in your burrito

Source: skz1993

#6. A bird just took a shit on me

Source: jagsgoinham

#7. Sharky has been skunked, God help us

Source: jesscubby

#8. But it should grow back, right....?

Source: TargetOfPerpetuity

#9. Recognizing it was on the test!! It's a rock.

Source: Heavy duty machinery operators

#10. How I found my bike this morning

Source: cr4fter003

#11. Poison eyevy

Source: Traditional_Cup4434

#12. This never happened before

Source: Danielthespaniard

#13. My only pair

Source: WiseMango13452

#14. The second time in a week

Source: Significant_Yak6557

#15. I labeled the wires wrong!

Source: ad-on-is

#16. Just dropped my banana that I had taken one bite out of (banana for scale)

Source: YourPinkyToesAFK

#17. New highly anticipated Taco John’s opened yesterday, caught on fire today

Source: ParzivalsQuest

#18. My coworker ladies and gentlemen

Source: nicknack860

#19. My neighbor left his Thunderbird outside with the top down. It's pouring

Source: Cemeterywind666

#20. My microwave lunch jumped up and flipped

Source: Woodwickward

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