20 Of The Most Amusing Tweets About Adulthood That’ll Have You Laughing And Crying At The Same Time

We used to think that life was too difficult for us when we were kids, despite the fact that our parents loved us. Children are compelled to do their homework every night, wake up early for school, take exams, and, most importantly, not do what they want. A child's perspective is that they are imprisoned in a loop that prevents them from feeling free.
So you have to agree with us that when we were kids, we always aspired to be adults. Adults have additional advantages; they do not have to take tests or attend school, and, most significantly, they are free to do whatever they choose. But life is not a dream, and as adults, we get disillusioned. Adults are under pressure from a variety of factors, and they almost have to make their own decisions about everything that will happen to them in adulthood, which is contrary to what we imagined as children.
You will, however, face numerous stresses throughout your life. But they are something we cannot live without in this life. We've gathered 20 of the most amusing tweets about adulthood that’ll have you laughing and crying at the same time. Scroll down to have a good laugh and enjoy!

#1. Same

Source: TheWurdsmith

#2. I have one rug and it'd better last me the next 50 years

Source: isabelfulla

#3. We need to stagger our start times or something, people

Source: glamgamine

#4. For literally 12-plus years of your life: "You must do this." The rest of your life: "LOL, why are you doing that?"

Source: E_StewartLittle

#5. It's not three Diet Cokes a day? Damn

Source: showerfeelings

#6. Me, looking at this meme and then looking at myself in the mirror: "Okay they got me"

Source: LIS1050010

#7. I need them all, especially that monitor cable for the Dell I owned in 2006

Source: LoriG

#8. So sturdy! Think of all the things you can store!

Source: madameanthro

#9. "It's on my list!"

Source: mattbooshell

#10. Whatever, this is a great feeling

Source: AbbyHasIssues

#11. Alternatively, *runs and hides*

Source: itsjasonpowell

#12. Just some inspiration for the twentysomethings out there

Source: boethiah

#13. Guilty

Source: AmandaBootes

#14. It's a stegosaurus, by the way

Source: citizenkawala

#15. *Stares wide-eyed at the ceiling while viewing a compilation of cringe in my mind*

Source: tastefactory

#16. Reached for my charger cord, now I need muscle relaxers for my back

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#17. No other option but to move to the Yukon

Source: velista

#18. It's all about quartz and soapstone now, duh

Source: MrFilmkritik

#19. This is how I go, in my boxers while watching Love Is Blind and eating Hot Cheetos

Source: badboycammyt

#20. Jackpot!

Source: shutupmikeginn

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