20 Odd Photos That Keep You Awake For 10 Nights In A Row

Our world is made up of stereotypes, and we will know what to expect. However, there are some elements that prevent you from knowing what's going on, even if you've focused on it. You blink many times, but your brain is a mess. The phenomena around us can appear unusual or familiar but be in an oddly unintelligible state. For example, a plant growing out of your carpet, all the clocks in your flat suddenly stopping, or an elephant drinking from the toilet. Sounds weird, right?

We stumbled across these odd photos that keep you awake for 10 nights in a row. They show that extraordinary things can happen at any moment and in any place. You won't believe what we just said, will you? Scroll down to check out the list we've put together. Enjoy!

#1. My dog keeps drinking out of my toilet. How can I stop him from doing that?

Source: BenHolloway

#2. Something just isn't right

Source: ShadowBun

#3. Security is the primary thing

Source: iMispelWords

#4. At the point when you put a ton of exertion into a look regardless of whether you’re simply going to the store

Source: peopleofwalmart

#5. There’s a plant growing out of my carpet

Source: Majestik-Eagle

#6. My apple has a image of an apple on it

Source: Nichole5126

#7. That was the last thing I expected in a bathroom stall

Source: ven0mz

#8. Some people are just better at partying

Source: Lynkx0501

#9. When the mall is flooded but you still need your coffee fix

Source: Reddit

#10. My dad ironing American cash before a trip to the old country

Source: Parking_Spot

#11. Visiting some family in South Alabama for the holidays, this is in front of their McDonald’s

Source: Bloodlustftw

#12. What happened here? Is this a chair building?

Source: TheLobotomist

#13. Wait…….where’s grandpa?

Source: WTF-happened69

#14. I am as confused as that guy

Source: silly_vasily

#15. F***ing Bear in a Lambo

Source: devil009

#16. Best urinal ever

Source: brolbo

#17. Just gonna get some work done really quick

Source: reinvintage

#18. Cat bed instructions: “your cat will figure it out”

Source: TuxedoFloorca

#19. Good young men’s faction.

Source: realkimhansen

#20. Arched back? check. Nuts in the face? check

Source: DNZe

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