20 Never-Before-Written Sentences That Make You Cry Laughing

Language is humanity's greatest gift. However, many cultures are associated with a wide range of languages. And the difficulties and thorns for someone learning one or more new foreign languages are innumerable. They have a slew of perplexing regulations that will make your head explode. For example, in English, many people blend words that no one else does. You may believe that because only a few individuals use these words, they are uncommon, but these are such stupid statements that they will never be found in a book of human history.
We've discovered funny sentences in the online community 'Brand New Sentence' which is dedicated to sharing never-before-written sentences, found in the wild. Take a look at the most hilariously bizarre sentences below to have a good laugh, and don't forget to share your experiences.

#1. Pepper's Monster

Source: pobuch

#2. Smoked back to segregation

Source: Capt_of_the_Borealis

#3. He ain't wrong

Source: ctrlaltdeleteme_

#4. Hmmm yes

Source: kaploov

#5. Icy f*ck boy

Source: LAD51

#6. Italy is just Thailand for women

Source: Takisaki

#7. An Unfortunate Mix-Up

Source: pedragono

#8. Poor syntax error

Source: manescaped

#9. Mental illness gray

Source: dylpickle1202

#10. Vegan hunting

Source: Twitchingnebula

#11. Toddlin'

Source: kevinowdziej

#12. Talk on the phone pants

Source: ajb177

#13. The Vegans of gaming

Source: c4jina

#14. How else would you name dinosaurs?

Source: genius23sarcasm

#15. Ur not better than a stegosaurus

Source: Thedepressionoftrees

#16. Lease a Falcon

Source: deathlobster137

#17. Expensive potato that barks at the wind

Source: kevinowdziej

#18. What’s the point of a Ferrari

Source: Bellpop

#19. Chicken Soup for My Middle-Class Soul

Source: possiblyBandage

#20. Hmm

Source: nividdesai

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