20 Moments When Their Faces Say It All

A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. The face is frequently a mirror of the mind, as the adage goes. Fortunately for us, these pictures of real people's reactions show that both of these statements are accurate. Viewers who couldn't help but show their dissatisfaction with the situation they were in as they scroll down will see these people.

#1. Why Not a Bar of Soap?


Lesson learned: when you’re trying to cheer someone up after a near-death experience, go for more than just chrysanthemums or daisies. With florals, it’s both the thought and the arrangement that count.

#2. The Public Transit Lottery

Source: reddit/iklegemma

At least the fully dressed fellow sitting next to the inappropriate guy has a comrade in the woman behind him, who also seems all too aware of the odd spectacle napping through their ride.

#3. She’s Just a Little Possessive

Source: reddit/Kagisso62

While the shirt recipient may be mortified, it’s a welcome warning sign for any woman who might have otherwise made the unthinkable error of talking to this young man.

#4. Scary Safari

Source: reddit/r/funny

Wildlife safaris may seem like the perfect way to spend a Sunday, but this image has us second-guessing that idea. Maybe we'll just search videos of safaris on YouTube instead.

#5. A Whole Other Kind of Surprise Party

Source: reddit/adaf114

"It was proof of love," the groom said. But honestly, his face says something else entirely. That's not the face of someone excited to leave for their honeymoon...

#6. Bad Hairpiece Day

Source: imgur/clickytoptwistybottom

The alarmed woman to the right in this frame has probably had her share of rough hair days. Hasn’t everyone?

#7. Wanna Fanta, Not a Juice

Source: reddit/Rex39914

She's too smart and familiar with the taste of Fanta to be tricked into thinking this Apple juice is the yummy soda. But her last look in the photo seems to be saying, "I'm impressed," to whoever tried to trick her.

#8. We All Scream for Ice Cream

Source: reddit

Some may interpret the onlooker’s gaze as having the hots for these women, but he was more likely wondering why the licking ladies went for vanilla when they could have brightened their lives up a bit more with chocolate or strawberry.

#9. When Sneaking Treats Out of the Kitchen Goes Wrong

Source: reddit/DramaLlama21

There’s no mistaking this poor kid’s facial expression. It’s a mixture of pain, frustration, and embarrassment.

#10. Skip Breakfast Next Time

Source: reddit/lightheat

Those embarking on skydiving, parasailing, or similar adventures in the sky are also recommended to void their bowels prior. Luckily this photo is cropped from above the waist.

#11. Fashion Police Hits the Club

Source: imgur/MashedPotatoRiotsWithCheese

A first assumption could be that this teenage boy is mesmerized by the dancer performing in front of him. But there might be more to the story than that.

#12. Not Everyone’s Idea of a Good Time

Source: reddit/PeerRoland

While a roller coaster may be a perfectly giddy experience for teenagers, it’s understandably terrifying for those under the age of, say, six.

#13. Congratulations…Sort Of

Source: reddit/r/funny

Pregnancy test symbology varies from one test to the next. But judging by the mixed reactions captured here, a knee-jerk interpretation is that this young couple is expecting, and one half of said couple is less than thrilled about that.

#14. His Face Is Saying What They're All Thinking

Source: reddit/migonzo

The adults’ forced, half-hearted smiles are telling. It seems like either no one wants to be there, or they’re peeved that they arrived on time and everyone else is late.

#15. Anything Is Better Than This Top

Source: reddit/r/funny

We can see what followed this photo being snapped: this young woman probably wrote a strongly-worded letter to whatever store was selling this nonsense. Or maybe she just asked for a manager.

#16. He Was Only Hoping for One

Source: reddit/theartofdeduction

Either he’s concerned about the investment of time and money it will take to raise quadruplets, or a producer just called him to pitch a reality show about his new life.

#17. The More, the Merrier... Or Not

Source: reddit/RennBear

This guy looks freaked out as he holds his newborn babies. And honestly, we don't blame him. Can you imagine raising twins and then welcoming a set of quadruplets like him? Say bye, bye to sleep.

#18. The Worst "Before and After"

Source: Twitter/EdbrohamLincoln

Clearly, Little Ms. Flint was way more excited to meet former President Barack Obama than she was to meet former President Donald Trump. Her facial expression in either picture says more than we ever could.

#19. This Is Why Brunch Is Dead


They ordered a table for four, but they forgot a chair for their fifth guest, Instagram.

#20. Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

Source: reddit/define_irony

Hopefully, the referee of this wrestling match wasn’t giving a condescending glance to the boy for his loss. Just give the winner her due praise and move on to the next match.
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