20 Moments That Can Only Be Experienced Behind The Doors Of A Restaurant Kitchen

Things can go wrong on the other side of the curtain while we lay back, unwind, and enjoy the leisurely passing time at a restaurant table, slowly indulging in a savory appetizer and impatiently thinking of the meal we're going to be served fresh straight from the kitchen. Although we'd like to believe that we can rely on the restaurant's quality, freshness, and hygiene at all times because it's bustling with customers and you couldn't fool them, this isn't always the case.
In restaurants we usually see the most beautiful things: clean tables, tempting dishes and aromas that make us even hungrier. However, behind the doors that grant access to the kitchen, many things that we do not suspect may already be happening. From mistakes when preparing a meal to lack of hygiene in certain spaces or products that we did not imagine would look like this before reaching our plate. What anecdote have you taken with you when you went to a restaurant?

#1. Cleaning Query

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#2. New fryers…no one thought to get new oil to fill them up. Guess we are waiting for our truck.

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#3. We upgraded the freezer door

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#4. Any cleaning advice that would help get this back to silver?

Source: Competitive-Dress898

#5. Thought I couldn't be surprised but this takes the cake. I take one day off and this happens

Source: Dejectednebula

#6. Kitchen staff dropped a knife in the deep fryer how idk but it did smh

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#7. Function over form.

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#8. Decided to really attack the stove tops during our deep clean of the kitchen. A scraper and wire wheel later, I managed to get them (mostly) clean!

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#9. Broccoli cube otherwise known as: blockli

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#10. These Spatulas Suck

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#11. Went to cut some bread at work today…..something is wrong here….idiots and an electric sharpener

Source: Gabrial_Acaine666

#12. How to clean the rust?

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#13. I present: breaded mushroom cube

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#14. A half quart of roasted olives in olive oil shoved inside another quart of the same thing. Can't make this shit up.

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#15. Was told to post this here, I forgot to put a bin liner in.


#16. Attention all chefs I currently work as a kitchen assistant in a care home and this is the filth the head chef cooks and sends to the residents it nothing will get done since the chef is best friends with the manager

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#17. Someone Messed Up

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#18. Look at what we have here

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#19. Had some down time

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#20. Soup du jour! (dishie refuses to change the water and just says he’s been washing dishes for 40 years)

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