20 "Meanwhile In" Pics That Funnily Sum Up Life In Different Nations

Although stereotypes can occasionally be harmful, they can also be really funny at times. There must be some stupid cliché about your city or country, no matter where you are from. These "meanwhile in" memes are a hilarious way to sum up different nations. Check out the images below and perhaps you can spot your own nation among them.

#1. Meanwhile in China

Source: Reddit/j4ckmull

This is considered one of the longest traffic jams in the world that lasted for two weeks!

#2. Meanwhile in Singapore

Source: Reddit/BalliBumbulius

This funny sign in Singapore highlights the importance of not going out in the summer season.

#3. Meanwhile in Japan

Source: Reddit/NojayGames

“Hey, we heard you gave some food to our cousin and we were just wondering if…”

#4. Meanwhile in Canada

Source: Reddit/ShittyHaircut

Canadian people are just the nicest in the world and this is another example of that. It seems like such a caring gesture.

#5. Meanwhile in Bosnia

Source: Reddit/TomBradyGOAT

Well, it can be said that this car driver needs a new pigtail light.

#6. Meanwhile In Australia

Source: Reddit/Brinq

Wildfire and bushfires in Australia are quite common, so this sign kind of makes some sense.

#7. Meanwhile in London

Source: Reddit/Hello_Wisconsin

This is so considerate that they have not tried to vacate the goose that is not friendly at all. We have a suggestion: just play some music and it’ll fall asleep.

#8. Meanwhile in Finland

Source: Reddit/mattthebarbarian

There are benches in the country made for one person facing away from each other so that…yes, you’ve guessed it right…there is no issue of personal space.

#9. Meanwhile in Japan, part 2

Source: Reddit/killermasa666

We have a harmless question: how does one urinate elegantly? Okay, this is a really hilarious sign but just imagine what really forced them to put this sign in the first place.

#10. Meanwhile in Japan, part 3

Source: Reddit/hooliganking

We did know that Japanese people are very respectful and are not quite straightforward, but this contradicts with that belief big time.

#11. Meanwhile in Australia, part 2

Source: Reddit/hooliganking

Given that this happened in Australia, it is no big deal because this kind of things is a common occurrence there.

#12. Meanwhile in Florida

Source: Reddit/chitaroni

This picture reminded us of the famous sewer scene from the horror movie “IT” in which Pennywise tries to lure Georgie into it.

#13. Meanwhile In Minnesota

Source: Reddit/Shady_Slim

Thank God now whenever people hear/read about Minnesota they can think of something else other than Fargo.

#14. Meanwhile in Canada, part 2

Source: Reddit/arbili

Ever felt embarrassed at accidentally walking into other gender’s washroom? You won’t if you are in Canada.

#15. Meanwhile in Florida, part 2

Source: Reddit/theHamburglersNugget

We must admit that Florida is a really fun state. Where else you can find this type of humor, right?

#16. Meanwhile in Alaska

Source: Reddit/fngrtps

We are pretty sure that people in Alaska must be used to this, except for kids (of course).

#17. Meanwhile In Montreal

Source: Reddit/DwightKSchnute

Now raptors are only allowed to carry flowers instead of guns.

#18. Meanwhile in Australia, part 3

Source: Reddit/alekmude

This sign pretty much says that ‘don’t take the road at all or the wildlife will get you.’

#19. Meanwhile in Russia

Source: Reddit/mntoak

We all know about The United States and Russia rivalry, right? Well, it seems like Russia is a big fan of Hollywood.

#20. Meanwhile in Canada, part 3

Source: Reddit/pluggemr

Most of us know that Canada’s climate is characterized mostly by a cold winter and a cool/moderate and humid summer. But how can you tell you’re actually in Canada?
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