20 Lucky Folks Who Ordered Something And Were Shocked When Their Food Request Was Taken Literally

Sometimes the world does not function as we would want. Dreams are simply that; very rarely do things turn out exactly as they do in your dreams. But there are occasions when you appreciate life even more. That is when you will be able to enjoy tasty cuisine. It might be said that the moments when excellent food melts on your tongue are the ones you want to remember for the rest of your life. And today's piece will discuss those who help you realize your dreams. Some chefs truly care about your order and want you to experience more than you can imagine, such as a variety of toppings for your meals, even though you didn't request them or ask the chefs to prepare the dishes.
Savor the excellent cuisine that the chef has prepared for you, and look at the lucky folks who ordered something and were shocked when their food request was taken literally. Enjoy!

#1. Said it wasn't spicy before well my asshole is gonna cry now

Source: Jescro

#2. They gave him what he asked for, not what he wanted.

Source: EmpireStrikes1st

#3. My daughter asked for a Rapunzel birthday cake. I made her one.

Source: thelastestgunslinger

#4. Told the meals on wheels lady that I love their gravy. Day made.

Source: monniiee1221

#5. Asked if they'd be willing to slip one extra into my 10-box

Source: Hen_Zoid

#6. My 10-year-old only wanted pumpkin pie today. I'm working so I just ordered two pies from McDonald's, three minutes before they closed. There are 14 pies in here. I have so much to be thankful for

Source: queen_oops

#7. I'd like the ravioli, please, with a truly unreasonable amount of parmesan cheese

Source: sat0123

#8. When you don't care how your sandwich is cut up

Source: bopamo

#9. When your daughter asks Santa Claus for a giant cherry pop tart

Source: hpbojoe

#10. The restaurant asked if we wanted a “side of ketchup”

Source: drex2018

#11. I asked the chef for a “bacon cheeseburger” and this is what he gave me. Was told I should post it here

Source: Sunwryse

#12. They ordered cheese on the side

Source: aja411

#13. I asked for a little extra feta on my salad

Source: I-invert-the-y-axis

#14. I asked for extra cheese on my Cali 4x4 burger

Source: Tommy_Darko

#15. Asked Waffle House for as much chocolate chips and they’re allowed to give me.

Source: elisesw

#16. Asked for extra everything from Chipotle...was given a burrito as big as my forearm

Source: haleyxciiiiiiiii

#17. Asked for no tomatoes on my salad, waiter asked if bacon was ok. I jokingly said all the bacon... he delivered

Source: cupcakesandunicorns1

#18. "Vodka soda with a bunch of limes" thank you, bartender

Source: wednesdaydream

#19. I told my son he could only get one donut

Source: andyrine

#20. I got a couple of beignets in this bag of powdered sugar from Popeye's

Source: andyrine

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