20 Kids Who Tested Their Parents' Sanity By Causing Disasters

Having small children at home can be an inexhaustible source of love and fun, but we know that disasters cannot be absent in the same way. Sometimes, the antics of the little ones exceed the limits of the patience and calm of the parents, so there is nothing left but to laugh and share the ups and downs of parenting with others.
There is no doubt that children are capable of surprising us every day with their occurrences, tantrums over inexplicable things or their extraordinary intuition. Even when they misbehave, they have that gift of making us smile, although it doesn't hurt to learn some tricks to achieve calm at home more easily.

#1. Five year old pulled the seat belt from one side of the van across the headrest on the other side, and then - as it is designed to do - the seatbelt became taut. The headrest on my model isn’t design to come off, so it’s been stuck like this for months.

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#2. Totally invisible

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#3. The "Chalk on Every Surface" phase

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#4. Kids broke my ultrawide; is this at all salvageable or should I just toss it in the recycling? Also I have two kids for sale.

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#5. My daughter had my wife’s phone on a long car ride. She ordered all the Barbie dream houses from Amazon.

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#6. My 10-year-old made Easy Mac and now the whole house stinks.

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#7. Found my little brothers old phone in the garage with tons of old videos and memories on it from years, come back and sees he has destroyed it for no reason.

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#8. A very slow flushing toilet led to my discovery of the most ironic toilet clog. Kids suck sometimes.

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#9. Middle schoolers visited our automotive shop, they tried to cover it up.

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#10. My wife's stationary bike just became a jellybean dispenser.

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#11. Peek-a-Boo

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#12. Little bundle of joy

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#13. Today I learned baby oil dissolves permanent Sharpie

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#14. My six year old daughter made this "science experiment" last night. She also decided to leave it on our brand new neighbors door step as a "welcome present". That was an awkward introduction this morning.

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#15. The toddler slapped my glasses directly into my eyeball

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#16. My kids apparently invented a new way to play Jenga.

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#17. My son somehow put a hole in the wall

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#18. Anyone else have a baby beaver? My solution to his crib biting!

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#19. My 3 year old scares me.

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#20. Apparently my child was enticed by the irresistible lotion pump

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