20 Kids' Sleeping Moments That Are Too Funny For Words

Raising a child is a difficult task for any parent. It can be exhausting for both parents at times. However, children never cease to amaze us with their unique sense of humor. When we see our children smiling, our everyday fatigue seems to vanish. They can make us laugh even when they don't mean to, whether it's by taunting their siblings or being stuck in the toilet, for example. Even when they do fall asleep, the children keep their cuteness since they can sleep anywhere in positions we can explain. There's nothing they can't do, from sleeping in the toilet to sleeping while eating.
We've compiled a list of 20 kids' sleeping moments on the Internet. Trust me, they are super hilarious. Are you ready? Let’s scroll down to check them out, and don’t hesitate to share your babies’ pics. Enjoy!

#1. Have a break in the middle of the trip

Source: Imgur

#2. At the computer

Source: Wanda Batten

#3. In a shopping cart

Source: Lucerne Fcc

#4. On the hardwood floor

Source: Trish Fucik

#5. On a four-wheeler

Source: Mindy Heisner

#6. Puppy as a pillow

Source: Barbie Ellis

#7. On the couch

Source: Marissa D'Angelo

#8. On a chair

Source: Barbie Ellis

#9. Heyyy

Source: Imgur

#10. In the highchair

Source: Ashley McBratney

#11. Kind of on the couch

Source: Mary Lou Pharris

#12. Under the bed

Source: April Fenk

#13. On the welcome mat

Source: Kelly Domer

#14. On the stairs

Source: Jeni Holland

#15. While getting a haircut

Source: Sarah Horne

#16. Ohh

Source: izismile

#17. What?

Source: izismile

#18. On Tv

Source: izismile

#19. Sleep for a while

Source: Imgur

#20. I’m still listening to what you say, mom

Source: Imgur

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