20 Irritating Neighbors Able To Give Us Heavy Headaches

Having obnoxious or entitled neighbors might sabotage an otherwise wonderful day. You probably won't feel very comfortable in your home if your neighbor is continually lighting their (or your) yard on fire or attempting to peer through your blinds. Continue reading to discover some eyebrow-raising moments that indicate, "Welcome to the neighborhood - not!" as unfortunately, there is no shortage of fairly terrible neighborhood residents.

#1. When the Homophobic Neighbor Tells You to Cover Your Trash Bins

Source: Magical_Narwhal_1213

#2. It's Really Hard to Love Thy Neighbor When This Is Their Backyard

Source: zapbob

#3. The Neighbors Moved and They Took the Collar, but Not the Cat

Source: Lou-Lou-67

#4. "Neighbor's Son Sneaked a Smoke in My Yard"

Source: AtlasGamingAU

#5. This Guy Repairs RVs at Home as a Side Hustle

Source: mela_beautrix

#6. Person Next Door Sold All the Other Puppies and "set This One Free"

Source: MzMegs

#7. After 3 Years, He Left in the Middle of the Night... We Wonder Why...

Source: mama_ji

#8. The Party Next Door Was Wild, to Say the Least

Source: HalfWaySlick

#9. When You Realize Your Mom Is the Neighborhood's Toxic Neighbor

Source: SciencesnObjects40

#10. Fourth of July Leftovers By Neighbors

Source: Fooberdoober97420

#11. There's Always That One Neighbor With a Decomposing Body in Their House

Source: Feefee986

#12. It's the Local Photographer

Source: Instagram

#13. "Little Kid Across the Street Took a Little Joyride Into My Door"

Source: hellonene3

#14. Note to Self: Never Let Your Neighbor Use the Garage

Source: NCC74656

#15. Office Neighbors Aren't Much Better

Source: giokinkla

#16. When the Neighbors Move Out and You Take a Peek Inside

Source: cheezballs

#17. A 100-Year-Old Heirloom Planter Destroyed

Source: MissK413

#18. Time for a Community Intervention

Source: Sekreid

#19. Guess the Family Next Door Isn't Fond of Their Cat

Source: MalloryWillow

#20. After the Neighbor's Got Evicted

Source: Reinhardass

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