20 Innovative Ideas Designers Used To Make A Product Awesome

Designing a system that works well is harder than it seems. Some designers are adept at ruining things in numerous ways. Good goodness, there are still creative designers who wow us with their attention to detail and originality.
Today, we have compiled a compilation of incredible designs submitted by users from around the globe. So take a seat, unwind, and enjoy them.

#1 Ad For Superman Movie

Source: Brone9

#2 Anti-Pollution Sign By A Lake In Evergreen, Colorado

Source: lalala850

#3 Book Benches, Bulgaria

Source: Pumuckl4Life

#4 This Teacher’s Wall Art


#5 “Piece By Piece Alzheimer’s Takes Away The Memory”. Campaign For Alzheimer Forschung Initiative

Source: BlkShpp

#6 Colorful Glass Canopy In Sonoma, California. By: Olafur Eliasson And Architect Sebastian Behmann

Source: Arkitek_Yorkshire

#7 Newly Constructed ‘Danish Prison Cells’ Are Designed Better Than My Apartment

Source: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#8 Jeep’s European Marketing

Source: EDIT_ID

#9 Shark Culling Laws Poster

Source: BlkShpp

#10 Convenient Simple Storage

Source:  Brone9

#11 Park Bench With Built In Shelter For The Homeless

Source: rockhavenrick

#12 The ~spooky Forest~ Chandelier

Source: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#13 Door Handles On A Theatre

Source: Killdestroy

#14 This Bar Has A Chilled Strip To Keep Your Drink Cold

Source: MMZane8

#15 My Vacuum Cleaner Filter Displays Taps When It’s Wet After Cleaning, So You Know When It’s Fully Dry

Source: MichaelCG8

#16 Translation: (Their) Love Slipped A Little Bit? No, This Is Violence (Anti Domestic Violence Poster)

Source: Stock_Quality_5523

#17 Forget Abs Of Steel And Buns Of Steel. Get Abs Of Buns

Source: unbuggy

#18 Clever Little Airline Logo From A Recent Flight

Source: petefromwetwang

#19 Clever Little Airline Logo From A Recent Flight

Source: petefromwetwang

#20 A Bar Of Soap That Gets Sad As It Approaches Its Demise


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