20 Individuals Who Came Across Bad Luck And It Decided To Choose Them As Sacrifices

There are those days when everything seems to go wrong. The food burns, you are late for work, you forget the key to your house on the dining room table, you leave without an umbrella and you are surprised by the rain halfway. Anyway, when bad luck occurs to appear, there is nothing to stop it. But we have a secret to get through those terrible moments: take it with a lot of humor.
Our authors are not immune to having days where everything can go wrong. And for those who say that bad luck exists, then we invite you to see the following examples of people to whom chance played a trick on them.

#1. When a seagull steals your food, and you decide to take revenge

Source: Figen91

#2. When you hate loud volume

Source: vk26stav

#3. The neighbor lost patience

Source: kuchka70

#4. Turns out it's not just kittens that do this.

Source: 13inhiding

#5. This is also annoying

Source: veegraceful

#6. “My wife told me to measure the door first. I replied that all the doors are the same size..."

Source: BlahMehUgh

#7. “I was so excited about this deal!”

Source: joeylister

#8. “I forgot the soda was in the back of my car and it was −26°C last night.”

Source: OneEyedWilson

#9. “I spilled my bowl of chili and had to clean it up during my break.”

Source: MermaidDreams667

#10. “This is not ideal at all”

Source: fl4tdriven

#11. “I get up from the toilet and this happens”

Source: Quarkcharm_2007

#12. “I discovered a 16-foot-deep sinkhole in my backyard.”

Source: Quarkcharm_2007

#13. “A walnut broke my nutcracker.”

Source: snomisaimassilem

#14. “I got my helmet on Amazon.”

Source: just-iniquity

#15. “The windshield broke and it rained 10 minutes before I took this photo.”

Source: Carbones_Coffee

#16. “I brought food, and in the 5 minutes it took me to get to the door, the neighbor's cat broke through the box and stole some chicken.”

Source: LandolphiN_

#17. “I cleaned my glasses, but apparently there was a small stone in the cloth.”

Source: Defight556

#18. “This is how my morning started”

Source: FuzzyTwiguh92

#19. “I just bought 3 liters of chocolate milk for the kids. I hit it trying to put it in the fridge and it slipped out of my hand. Three liters doesn't sound like much, until you have to clean it off the floor."

Source: ArtsySAHM

#20. “I washed a blanket with my clothes and it literally fell apart.”

Source: Nikki Thunderdik

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