20 Images Proving That Certain Americans Are Truly Idiots

America, the nation of freedom, the land of opportunity, and the abode of people from various cultures. Nonetheless, some Americans appear to be regressing despite their improved standing in terms of living standards, space exploration, and even nuclear knowledge.
America's Cultural Fall Into Idiocy is a Facebook group that tackles the recurrent issue of people who act like they slept through school and aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. There will inevitably be a few stragglers in a country of 336 million citizens, but we're not here to criticize or reprimand anyone; rather, we're here to laugh at ourselves.

#1. Why not? It's a free country.

Source: Angelo P Breaux

#2. When you’re so anti-government that you pay extra money to the government to show the government you don’t support them.

Source: Lawrence Renner

#3. Florida never disappoints

Source: LloydLegalist

#4. That patriot is just doing his own research. You libs need to stop.

Source: Renaldy Aditya

#5. No Bears

Source: Two Weirdos With A Page

#6. When you’re an influencer but you don’t know how to use the Roman numerals.

Source: Jen Baird


Source: Rima Khreish

#8. Ah shiet, here we go

Source: Jennifer Hofman

#9. Almost

Source: gavinthomas2015


Source: Jason Chen


Source: Maulik Padh

#12. Sure you did

Source: Ulysses Fraire


Source: Silver Elephant

#14. That would be very misleading

Source: J.R. Sanders


Source: Nicolò Beccalossi

#16. Trailer, we don't need no stinking trailer

Source: Alice Holm


Source: Riley Dolan

#18. Women

Source: Johann Huber-Gutierrez


Source: John Oconnor


Source: Henry Symes

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