20 Images Of Epic Mistakes Anyone Can Make

Each of us has ever made a mistake without thinking about the consequences. Often, they are just minor mistakes, but there are people who, seeing the actions of others, cannot help but exclaim: "Don't do it!" For example, when you see someone cutting holes in the ice just below themselves. Or another who cleans the keyboard with a powerful vacuum cleaner.
The nominees of the year for the “best action without thinking about the consequences” have already been chosen by Aubtu. For each one of them, we feel like giving the protagonist a delicious chocolate medal and a consolation prize.

#1. my 2 year old decided my laptop should be on Hard Mode from now on

Source: lemoyne4

#2. Help! Heeeeeeeelllp~!!

Source: Allbobmyshelf

#3. Life lesson in 3...2...1

Source: Life lesson in 3...2...1

#4. Well, a great place for a hole. And also for swimming in winter.

Source: Sladostgadost

#5. Someone at my local BestBuy made a VERY costly mistake

Source: reddit

#6. This door is at my school

Source: dumasep

#7. Pie chart + Greyscale printing = ???

Source: BirdCute

#8. Mistakes were made.

Source: thejonchi

#9. Somethings in the air

Source: SHSL-JetSetter

#10. Some excellent non-slip tiles. Well placed.

Source: ReName

#11. I wonder if he read the sign

Source: Skippycharger

#12. This will be the most expensive and complex car wash of your life

Source: Skippycharger

#13. My buddy tried to drunkenly cook food at 3 AM last night

Source: TravisUKY

#14. I’m bouta get fired

Source: glockstardimi

#15. My dog ​​got locked in the car and my mom stayed outside

Source: NickUchihaa

#16. “A friend put a hot pan on the rug, not knowing it would melt.”

Source: Alekseushka1991

#17. Someone will have to buy a new charger

Source: 893_ha_g

#18. Decided to clean my keyboard with a vacuum cleaner..

Source: reddit

#19. "5 lbs. isn't that much, I can definitely eat this burrito" he said, looking at the menu confidently. Oh how wrong he was.

Source: Just_Dark

#20. Man thought the polarising sticker on the TV was a Screen Protector

Source: reddit

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