20+ Hysteric "Ran-dumb" Pics That Are Way Better With A Context/Description

Have you ever sorted out pictures and put them in an album? We bet everybody has done that. It is a joyful thing to do, especially when a couple of photos remind you of a funny or cherished souvenir, and you note it on the other side of the pics so that your family and friends will remember the joy after reading it. Yes, some pics just need context or captions to help viewers understand them completely.
So do several hysteric and dumb photos. When you first look at them, they are so random that you might not get why they are funny. Until you know the context or description behind these pics, you are cracked up totally. Even if you find them hilarious from the beginning, they are way more rib-tickling with silly stories explaining why they exist.
If you like to laugh out loud and don't mind reading a few words, check out our selection below right away!

#1. Cat woman’s “secret” lair

Source: u/Wide-Quantity4832

#2. "Yesterday I managed to witness the rare and miraculous birth of a seasonal reindeer vehicle while waiting at a red light."

Source: u/360inMotion

#3. Cat clubhouse; not a picture of one

Source: u/Abelardthebard

#4. A quick way to destroy your kids' faith...

Source: u/paytober

#5. How The Grinch stole slushies.

Source: u/NixisTM

#6. A bidet on the coast.

Source: u/Mtbguy56

#7. The headless bent neck texter.

Source: u/Mrpink415

#8. "It is going to be our first Christmas with our cat, Mr. Gray. I'm not leaving it up to chance."

Source: u/runeknight5

#9. Guess Santa still uses fossil fuel

Source: u/rairiemusic

#10. "My boyfriend just returned to work after surgery- and this is how he found his office."

Source: u/Graphite404040

#11. "Think I just made my boyfriend a puppy milk latte"

Source: u/MBitesss

#12. Mr. Sausagehead

Source: u/Stepwisewhizz736

#13. This grocery store gets it

Source: u/tazzkirk

#14. Babyface

Source: u/g_h_97

#15. Welcome back from vacation!

Source: u/crackercandy

#16. The man with 4 arms

Source: u/Triple23

#17. Pennywise the dog

Source: u/4x4polynesian

#18. Two-headed giraffe

Source: u/Gaddness

#19. I guess she must have a cold hand, mustn't she?

Source: u/Here_Just_Browsing

#20. "Almost couldn't tell which head belongs to either of my cats."

Source: u/MiiiiitchC

#21. This cow has no body.

Source: u/BadlySightsee

#22. A giant bird steals the sun

Source: u/Randumb4Ever

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