20 Humorous Drivers Who Show Utmost Talent Via Their Clever Funny License Plates

Road rage tires and infuriates many people. In this situation, a few hilarious ideas might help. Catching a rib-tickling license plate can enlighten your trip. Moreover, several drivers find it funny to alternate usual plate styles. They display their incredible sense of humor on the back of their cars.
With their unique cleverness, vehicles are not just a means of transportation but a way to express themselves and bring smiles. Also, number plates carry a lot of meaning. Some people believe that personalized number plates prevent identity theft and that their cars are less likely to get stolen.
Check out our selection of significant ideas for a fancy license plate, and tell us whether you would like to have one too!

#1. Glitch in the matrix?

Source: u/blugimafia

#2. Gargamel smurf car

Source: u/smokey-taupe

#3. Fitting for this week

Source: u/nich3play3r

#4. You’re gonna have to trust the plate on this one.

Source: u/mkmajestic

#5. The W is fixed and stands for the city Wien (Vienna). ANKER is a vanity plate, Anker being a very well-known Austrian company that makes bread.

Source: u/Pumuckl4Life

#6. SWMPASS is short for Seeloo Wallas Multi Pass

Source: u/Starscream79

#7. Can you tell what’s this guy favourite’s food??

Source: u/giulaswer

#8. Meanwhile in central Kansas

Source: u/elriogrande77

#9. LeviOza, not levioSA

Source: u/Gynieinabottle

#10. Found you

Source: u/KingYesKing


Source: u/Tinkerer221

#12. You are cute too

Source: u/goodchees3

#13. BANHMI guy, here's your EGGROLL buddy!

Source: u/elevenfifteen

#14. Yes?

Source: u/mr_beanald

#15. Maybe it's a neurologist's car

Source: u/Majestic-Unicorn33

#16. No, you are

Source: u/Aggravating-Tea-34

#17. Caught this bear in front of an appropriate license plate in Lake Tahoe

Source: u/South_Lake_Taco

#18. Tires are tired of carrying tired tires

Source: imgur

#19. A total coincidence

Source: u/tylera61

#20. Who likes one now?

Source: u/almondmilkaddict

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