20 Horrible Ideas That Got Perfectly Executed

Sometimes people have brilliant ideas but lack the motivation or resources to put them into action. But, there are also instances where individuals manage to brilliantly carry out the most appalling ideas.
An online forum called "Awful Taste But Excellent Execution" allows members to share some "great craftsmanship in the least beautiful way conceivable." Scroll down to discover some of the worst concepts that were almost perfectly implemented, from a crazy gingerbread crackhouse to odd hairstyles.

#1. what's the matter babe, you haven't touched your shrekfast

Source: DimitriTooProBro

#2. This castle extension on top of a regular suburban home.

Source: YesdingoateBaby

#3. Apartment hunting when, pebble river

Source: Dladd12

#4. Razor Blade Advertisement In Germany

Source: Razor Blade Advertisement In Germany

#5. My sister got this for my colorblind brother

Source: WeabooHater9136

#6. I've bean making dice...

Source: Nolencompany

#7. This watch from the '80s

Source: ICEwaveFX

#8. Gingerbread Crack House

Source: shpritzie

#9. Someone told me it belongs here.

Source: Someone told me it belongs here.

#10. This absolute atrocity spotted at a camping ground

Source: CreamCheeseIsBad

#11. Come on Barbie, let’s go party

Source: Come on Barbie, let’s go party

#12. A handbag, resembling an Australian supermarket’s roast chicken bag

Source: twcau

#13. Doritos crusted Mountain Dew cheesecake with Mountain Dew Jello topping

Source: StartingTrouble44

#14. Adult knit onesie

Source: bsurfn2day

#15. My friend went to a wedding where they had a guy handing out martini olives in a bathtub full of olives

Source: devmikale

#16. How to get killed by Police 101

Source: reddit

#17. This Lenin Jesus and Mickey statue

Source: Zeugirdork

#18. 20 Foot Tall Graffiti Mural of Kanye Kissing Himself

Source: reddit

#19. This expertly bound $3200 Bible from 1848...bound in hairy human skin.

Source: Murderhands

#20. This beard/haircut

Source: SomeNorwegianChick

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