20 Hilariously Weird Photos Showing What Real Pain Looks Like

What do you consider to be pain? a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli or an issue you face in life. All of these opinions are correct, but the pain we're discussing today is the pain caused by things you think can't damage you. We came across a Twitter account called "Images That Make You Feel Pain" that is dedicated to sharing hilarious internet posts. All of them are intended to be amusing, as they are satire. So, regardless of what you see on this account, please refrain from promoting hatred.
As a result, we've compiled 20 weird photos showing what real pain looks like, as shared on this account. We have to say that the posts below are like knives to your heart, and you will experience true anguish when you scroll down to check them out. Scroll down for a good laugh. Let's get started!

#1. Got you

Source: ManMilk2

#2. Twitter moment

Source: ManMilk3

#3. You're not you when you're hungry

Source: ManMilk4

#4. You mean Linda?

Source: ManMilk5

#5. He should be happy it ain’t his

Source: ManMilk6

#6. Oops

Source: ManMilk7

#7. Stupidk1d

Source: ManMilk8

#8. Hmmm

Source: ManMilk8

#9. Damn

Source: ManMilk10

#10. PS5

Source: ManMilk11

#11. Thanks for watching

Source: ManMilk12

#12. Not for long

Source: ManMilk13

#13. Laugh out loud

Source: ManMilk14

#14. Ohh

Source: ManMilk15

#15. Turkey support both parties

Source: ManMilk16

#16. Boyfriend in law

Source: ManMilk17

#17. Existing

Source: ManMilk18

#18. Oh no

Source: ManMilk19

#19. All I see

Source: ManMilk20

#20. Gorillas

Source: ManMilk21

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