20+ Hilariously No-Context Photos That Absolutely Protect You From Being Bored

How was your last week? Is your employment going well, or has your supervisor complimented you? If such is the case, we can only hope that the coming weeks go as smoothly. But if you've had a boring and even unfortunate week, you're undoubtedly in need of something to lift your spirits. We believe that amusing no-context photos are the most effective way to brighten someone's day. It's also no coincidence that we have everything you need in this article to help you relieve stress.
Here are some hilariously inexplicable images that have left us with more questions than answers on the Internet. Scroll down to have a good laugh. And if you find them funny, don’t forget to share the no-context photos with your friends and family to make them giggle. Let’s get started!

#1. A giant tooth with its roots

Source: johnloc97

#2. The sign I found in the woods depicts a man jumping over some scary-looking hands

Source: quadriplegicswimteam

#3. Printed a Sisyphus statue to push my TP up a shelf for all eternity

Source: Ch8s3

#4. Not just a drawing, but a pillow contrast drawing

Source: lailajanerz

#5. A wombat’s fingers look almost like a human’s hand

Source: Sl00defg

#6. This golf ball inside a log I found

Source: TheWackyProphet

#7. Water froze in my firepit cover and made this wreath!

Source: ohmygoditsdip

#8. Found a traffic light man with shoes on

Source: keirma

#9. I had a quadruple mini banana this morning

Source: sigglet

#10. Tree stump looks like a screaming soul

Source: peppermillsalt

#11. Morning frost surviving sunrise by hiding in shadows at school playground

Source: LC_Anderton

#12. I found a very small frog

Source: look-a-lurker

#13. Someone has been knitting bird legs for all the street signs in my town

Source: AusShroomer

#14. The tiny armrest I had on my flight

Source: joewillg

#15. This banana has no curvature

Source: itsmemario97

#16. Unusual tap in my hospital room

Source: barelysentient-

#17. My pepper looks like a fist

Source: designgrl

#18. The back of my vacuum looks like a dude with dreads

Source: G0Br0wnies

#19. This urinal has a mini-game

Source: Reddit

#20. This tree looks like Batman taking a selfie

Source: delightbulb

#21. I received the same letter 8 times on the same day

Source: resistentialism

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