20 Hilariously Messy Designs On Valentine’s Day You’ve Ever Seen

Valentine's Day is a day for lovers and anyone who wants their sweethearts to be pleased when they get the nice presents they have prepared. We're all willing to spend money to surprise our sweethearts with these gifts. Companies take advantage of this opportunity to profit by launching eye-catching and distinctive items. However, some of them are not good Valentine's Day designs, such as the funny heart in a window, Valentine's Day-themed meat, provocative heart candles, and many other weird and silly ones. They will make our heads explode when we see them. Maybe designers are also thinking about gifts for their loved ones, so they have no mind to design beautiful gifts.
We’ve compiled these hilariously messy designs on Valentine’s Day to remind you to keep your eyes open when spending your money. We don't want you to regret it when your lover opens the gift box. Are you ready? Scroll down below to check them out, and don't hesitate to share your experience. Let’s get started!

#1. A very important question

Source: randomppl110

#2. We had quite a windy Valentine’s Day

Source: darkprinceofanal

#3. Hmmm

Source: BitterRavenReport


#4. The before and after of Valentine's Day

Source: tacticalapron

#5. I tried to make a heart but my neighbor asked me why I put the devil in my window

Source: roblewk

#6. Valentine’s Day Themed Meat

Source: rosesluglabs

#7. My fiancé has a “Valentine’s Day Elf”… looks to me like Santa joined the Klan

Source: LatterTowel9403

#8. Subway near us put Valentine’s Day advert on shared sign

Source: WhiteLightYagami

#9. Local pharmacy gets it on for the Valentine's Day display

Source: BCurios

#10. Do it

Source: frissy

#11. I’m sorry… what kind of valentines?

Source: GuillermoVanHelsing

#12. The ice cream cake I ordered for Valentine’s Day said “I Love You” but some of the letters fell off during transit

Source: mrbootsy

#13. The flower is going through the dog's bottom jaw, this is on Valentine's day card

Source: bowthedragon

#14. Nothing says Valentine's day like, I'm going kidnap you and tie you with duct tape

Source: urbane_pudding

#15. The heart doesn’t fit into the pit

Source: pools2

#16. I’m ready to tell my valentine how much I oove him

Source: gettingbyonjoy

#17. Provocative heart candles

Source: BeatPunchmeat

#18. Not what I thought would be delivered to my valentine

Source: Supergoose1108

#19. My stepsister got a card from her middle school on Valentine’s Day with an unsolvable maze on it

Source: cmarso001

#20. The Perfect Valentine's Sweet To Give To An Enemy

Source: cmarso001

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