20+ Hilariously Chaotic Moments That Scream "Dad Energy"

Dads have such a unique way of living life on Planet Earth. Like, they are good at everything, from teaching us to ride a bike to showing us how to change a tire and everything in between. But they also make sure that they will be there to offer a hand and a strong shoulder for us to cry on when we need it. Still, they will go into teasing mode, using their "dad energy" to "attack" you with their jokes and silly pranks afterward. Dads love their kids, and it shows. That's why we feel like dads deserve a lot more love and attention than they get. And this article is our way to show our respect to fathers all over the globe.
Below, we have scoured the net for the funniest posts that radiate pure dad energy. Keep scrolling down and laughing along with some of the funniest things these dads do. Also, it is a gentle reminder to call your parents and tell them you love them. So remember to do that too!

#1. Classic!

Source: vaughngaminghd

#2. Oh, the trauma of the drama!

Dad EnergySource: RaresTeposu

#3. It looks like someone has a hard stool, poor dad.

Dad EnergySource: fuckusernames2175

#4. Genius!

Dad EnergySource: The_Tax_Chief

#5. Ouch!

Dad EnergySource: Bo3nZ_Gaming

#6. An absolute mad lad dad:

Source: redditabhijeet21

#7. This is the definition of a fun house:

Source: wroetoshaw

#8. Now that’s a productive day at work:

Source: an_intellectuaI

#9. Wait till the kid discovers a ladder...

Source: me-chouhan

#10. The only correct unit:

Source: Boss94360

#11. Then Mom will LOVE both of you.

Source: BuyMy1991FordFiesta

#12. It's all fun and game until you take them to a Mexican restaurant and they pass out.

Source: Amateurlapse

#13. True gender neutrality.

Source: hkjnc

#14. Savage.

Source: practicalnoob69

#15. Priorities:

Dad EnergySource: reddit

#16. Got damn!

Source: reddit

#17. Damn the onion ninjas are back.

Source: viraldads

#18. Strongest eyebrow genes in Hollywood:

Source: viraldads

#19. Vroom vroom.

Source: erif_ar

#20. Because he can.

Dad EnergySource: pr0gramm

#21. If you remove the disclaimer on his back, it's still just a typical Walmart outfit.

Dad EnergySource: DontTreadOnMe

#22. Safety is the first priority:

Dad EnergySource: retumretum2000

#23. How to teach your kids the joys of gaming:

Dad EnergySource: Skullwriter

#24. "It seems we are getting used to how to co-exist with each other."

Dad EnergySource: sarfarazali213

#25. Now, this is a whole new level of shopping!

Dad EnergySource: _JuAlvarado

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