20 Hilarious Tweets About Leonardo DiCaprio's Most Recent Breakup That Will Leave You ROFL

Most of us here probably prefer someone who is close to our age when choosing a date. If we were dating someone who was at least 15 years our junior, it would seem weird since they would seem like your child. Somebody who is 15 years older than you would feel like your parent, so we wouldn't want them either.
But, for some Twitter users, Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't fit that description. The idea that Leo exclusively dates people under the age of 25 has become widely known due to his recent breakup with girlfriend Camila Morrone. You've probably seen the videos, pictures, tweets, and TikToks making fun of the breakup if you've been active online. And because Morrone had just turned 25 when it was revealed, it becomes even more hilarious.
The internet, as was to be anticipated, decided to make the most of the news and created some of the funniest tweets about the contentious breakup. Here's what the internet had to say about the actor's most recent breakup with Camila Morrone, despite the fact that some may argue that he has a history of not dating women older than 25.


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